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  1. Which version of Road Rash 1 is best for simulatenous ("story mode") multiplayer? Is there even such a version?
  2. Super Monaco GP (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis) Super Monaco GP (Sega Master System)
  3. I think a story is necessary, but leveling up is not. I would also add that an RPG should involve talking to people/creatures.
  4. I have never liked: - Bionic Commando for the NES. I can´t handle not being able to jump. - The Donkey Kong Country games. The graphics are too modern for my taste.
  5. I don´t know about the early Intellivision plug and play, but the early AT Games 2600 and Mega Drive were of really low technical quality (horrible sound, for example). It is amazing they sold as well as they did, even though they were cheap. But the latest 2600 models are of higher quality and have lots of games, as is the case with the Mega Drive mini. Both were sold at launch for considerably less than $100 (I think), so I am not surprised that they did well. I think games of that generation are more expensive to license than 16-bit games, which in turn are more expensive to license than 8-bit games. So Sony probably figured charging more than $100 would be too expensive, and tried to get as good games as they could within that limitation.
  6. Someone said in another thread that the Playstation Classic failed because people aren´t as nostalgic for the PS1 as the SNES and NES. I don´t think it is that simple. I think there were several reasons why it failed: - Mediocre game selection - Many games were PAL-versions (in places where they shouldn´t be) - Poor emulation - Controllers without analog sticks - High price - Few enhancements - Potential buyers of the Playstation Classic are not as rich as the potential buyers of the others (because they are younger). But I am open to the idea that people being less nostalgic/interested for/in PS1 was a major contributing factor. So, are people less nostalgic for the PS1 than the SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive and NES? If so, how much less? I will go first. I think so, and here is why: - The PS1 is newer. It is harder to be nostalgic for something which isn´t very old. - SNES etc. have some of the best games "they don´t make anymore" (sprites). Whereas PS1 has some of the worst of modern games (polygons).
  7. I didn´t think that was possible. You live, you learn.
  8. It doesn´t say that. Some guy (we don´t know who) says Channel F outsold the 2600 in 1977 (we don´t know where). The only guy in the article we know who are was an assistant manager of a single toy store.
  9. One article says the Channel F sold more, but doesn´t say where (nationwide? regionally? in one store?). The other says they sold equally in most stores where both were sold.
  10. I think Nolan would have been overruled a lot, so it wouldn´t have made much of a difference. But I think the small difference would have been positive.
  11. I think it makes perfect sense. According to Wikipedia, the 2600 outsold the Channel F in 1977. And according to your articles, they sold the same or the Channel F sold more in stores where both were available. If the 2600 was available in more stores, that would make both statements true. I don´t think it is impossible either, just unlikely. It should also be mentioned that the 2600 was launched in September of 1977, while the Channel F´s 1977 sales stretch over the entire year. So comparing sales figures for the whole of 1977 would overestimate the Channel F´s competitiveness with the 2600. Sales are of course highest before Christmas, though.
  12. I think there is some miscommunication going on. What I am saying is that I think the 2600 was available in more stores, and that it sold more than the Channel F in 1977, even though the Channel F did as well or better in the stores where both were available.
  13. But how many 7 Ups are there in each scanline? That´s the question!
  14. Yes, if it was available in more stores, it could have sold more than the Channel F even if the Channel F sold the same or more in the stores where both were available.
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