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  1. It is a close call, but I am going with all of them.
  2. I know, I didn´t specify exactly what I was looking for. Primarily because my knowledge of C64 and Amiga is limited. But I edited my previous post after you quoted it, and if you read that post again, you will see that I am in the clear vis-a-vis the CDTV. Only just.
  3. I was looking for games, which could be played on a typical C64 or Amiga. If a game is on a CD, it can´t. Also the CDTV does not have Amiga in its name, so it is technically not an Amiga.
  4. No, you would have to be able to play it on an actual Amiga. Thanks a lot, carlsson. I will take a look at some of those games when I have the time.
  5. I have only played on 9 consoles, and all of them were good at the time. So the worst is the Atari 2600 simply because it was the earliest, and therefore the most basic one.
  6. What are the top games made by Commodore (for Commodore 64 and Amiga)?
  7. Does Metal Slug X (PS1) have unlimited continues for co-op mode? Can it be turned off?
  8. I am apparently one of those people. I watched a game of Worms W.M.D. and it didn´t make me wanna play it. I have also watched more videos of other sequels, and I have decided to just stick with WWP/WA.
  9. I posted this in the Classic Computing forum, but I think that was the wrong forum. So I am trying again here. The 2D Worms-games after Worms World Party/Worms Armageddon seem very similar to WWP/WA, but inferior. Is there any point in playing them, or should I just stick to Worms World Party/Worms Armageddon?
  10. The 2D Worms-games after Worms World Party/Worms Armageddon seem very similar, but inferior. Is there any point in playing them, or should I just stick to Worms World Party/Worms Armageddon?
  11. I wanna play Rod Land, and after watching You Tube videos, the Amiga version seems better due to the vastly superior in-game music. However, the Arcade version has many brand new levels after you complete it, which I don´t think the Amiga version has. And furthermore, these levels can be played without completing it if you use a simple code. So I thought I would first complete the Amiga version, then play the extra levels on the Arcade version. Does this sound optimal?
  12. I am/was too disciplined to swear or break things, but here are some gaming lowlights (in random order): When my much younger sister beat me in Looney Tunes Racing( PS1) due to the rubber-band effect, and her character yells "girl power!" as she crossed the finish line. When I had written the very long password in Swords & Serpents (NES), it is not correct, and I couldn´t find the mistake. It happened more than once. When our cat stepped on Reset after I had played one and a half hours of The Legend of Zelda (SNES). When I turned on my new game, Soccer (NES), and saw how crap it was. When I played Toejam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkatron (Sega Mega Drive), and discovered it was nothing like its prequel. Whenever I played sections of a game, which involved making a series of difficult jumps, and failed. Over and over again. Whenever I made a mistake in a turn-based strategy game. Because I would have to carry the consequences of that mistake for the rest of the game, which was usually a very long time. When I accidentally erased my save in Championship Manager 96/97 after having done very well. When my brother killed me everytime we, or rather he, completed Double Dragon (Atari 2600). When I thought I came 3rd when playing R.C. Pro-Am 2 (NES) in 4-player, only to see the last car gliding past me after the finish line due to the boost you get if you fall too far behind. It was equally sweet to be the one gliding into 3rd.
  13. Favourite: 1st person shooters (multiplayer only) Beat´em ups (2D) Racing Shoot´em ups RPGs with turn-based combat (8- and 16-bit only, almost) Least favourite: 3D Platformers Fighting (with the exception of the best 4-player ones) Game Shows Point and Click Puzzles "Sneak" games (like Assassin´s Creed) Sports (with a few exceptions) Text based games
  14. I rarely call them retro either (outside this thread). Like you I call them old. Calling a game or console retro just seems like you are trying too hard to make an old game or console cool. I think the term retro-gaming is a good one, though. It is snappy and everybody knows what you are talking about.
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