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  1. I noticed that it was co-developed by Infogrames. It is a shame Atari SA doesn´t have the rights to it.
  2. Never mind, I found it on GOG for about $3, and I think I can get a refund too if I change my mind. We can still talk about Worms World Party and/or Worms Armageddon, though, if somebody has something to say about them.
  3. I used to play Worms World Party a lot many years ago, and am considering picking it up again. But there was very little online multiplayer traffic back then, and I figure it is even worse now. I also want to play in HD, so I think Worms Armageddon is a better alternative. I know Worms World Party has been remastered, but apparently the online multiplayer is buggy. The problem is I don´t want to buy Worms Armageddon (on Steam), so my question is: If I can find somewhere to download Worms Armageddon for free, will I be able to play online multiplayer?
  4. The copyright/patent of consoles expire after 20 years. So anyone can make something which mimics the functionality of 20+ year old consoles. Games, on the other hand, have an 80 years or something copyright.
  5. I had never heard of Piepacker before. I like that they (unlike Antstream Arcade) focus on later retro games, which I prefer.
  6. Yes, insufficient supplies was my main problem. I have read that the monsters have more HP in the PS1 version, and that didn´t help. I was also playing on the hardest settings.
  7. I forgot about Sleeping Bags. I was using Sleeping Bags!
  8. I sure as hell wouldn´t know. 😄 There was plenty of stuff wrong with the PS1 version. I don´t know if those were present in the original too. Here they are: 1) I spent an eternity wandering aimlessly around in the beginning, not knowing what to do, before finding out that you had to go to the left or right when in the first city to actually enter the city. And without having been in the city to get weapons, combat was really, really tough. 2) As mentioned, it seemed optimal to use an all Warrior party, which is boring. I started out with a diverse crowd, but they all sucked except for the warrior, so I restarted with 2 Warriors and the other classes I hadn´t tried. They sucked too, so I ended up with 4 Warriors. A role-playing game without magic is like a platform game without jumping. 3) 4) Too much grinding necessary. Trying to go somewhere, only to have to turn back in order to survive. And I had to do it many times before I succeeded. Too many times. Or simply grinding in order to improve or earn money because you know you wouldn´t make it otherwise. 5) 6) Late in the game, Oh my god! I couldn´t take it anymore at that point. There is probably more, which I have repressed. I liked
  9. When I played the Final Fantasy Origins version (PS1), I came to the conclusion (correct or false) that the best strategy was to use 4 warriors. By the time I was fed up with the game.
  10. True, and not just generic PCs either. I think it will hold up better than PS5s, Xbox Xs and Switches too in the long run.
  11. I see that RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 are on the list, and they were not released by an Atari company. However, the other Infogrames games on the Atari SA Wikipedia list of game franchises are not listed there. Maybe they included the two RollerCoaster Tycoon games on the list to make it less confusing for investors, or the IP list are all the games they have. I am leaning towards the former.
  12. Atari doesn´t have the rights to Atari arcade games made in 1985 or later. They could license the rights of course.
  13. I don´t know anything about these specific You Tubers, but these kinds of videos tend to be overly positive or overly negative to attract clicks. I agreed with critics of the VCS that it would be a low value for money product, and I personally find it to be so. However, I figured the vast majority of those who bought it (either as backers or upon release) would be disappointed, but that is not the case at all. It is a niche product with satisified customers. I never bought the idea that it was a scam, although I found the idea less and less unlikely as delays piled up. It has also come to light that Atari has invested a lot of money into it, and will most likely lose money on it, so it is not a minimum effort money grab either.
  14. Yes, that´s probably wise. You don´t want to egret your purchase. I will see myself out...
  15. Maybe you can find a used copy of Gauntlet: The Third Encounter.
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