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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will try that some day.
  2. I thought those were only for hiding who you are. I didn´t think they could improve my connection speed or get me closer to the Anstream servers. I considered using the term "very slow" to describe my connection, and I see now that that would have been more accurate. My actual download speed last time I checked was 12,2 Mbit/s and the upload speed was 0,85 Mbit/s. I haven´t tried many games, but they all have input lag. Otherwise the games have run fine, except once when Bubble Bobble had severe glitching.
  3. I think it is strange they are not offering Sega´s Mega Drive/Genesis games, as they are everywhere else. Maybe they are too expensive for them at this time.
  4. I had just heard that they offered free play with ads, and decided to test it. Ended up with 1 year free without ads. It doesn´t do me any good, though, as my gaming experience is glitches and/or severe input lag. I play on a PC with a slow connection in Norway.
  5. They don´t have the rights to that game as it was made by Atari Games, whose games are now (mainly) owned by Time Warner.
  6. I am sure that can be arranged on a paid per time unit basis as well.
  7. That would be nice. It would be best if you paid per time unit (different prices for different games), so you could play lots of different games, instead of just a few in order to save money. There should also be some free games available for cheap people (open-source, freeware and free-to-play). The Atari games should also be free. Services like Playstation Now could also be available on a per time unit basis.
  8. Those are only licensed for home use only, though. There is a thread on reddit about it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/arcade/comments/loz3iz/officially_licensedlegal_multicades_for_business/ There was a cabinet which claimed to be legal for commercial use (Ultracade), but they got into serious legal problems. So using MAME cabinets with illegal ROMSs is also out of the question. They could probably buy old multi-game cabinets (like Neo Geo MVS), which originally was sold for commercial use, if they can´t get deals that let them put lots of games in each cabinet.
  9. They say: " Select hotels will also feature state-of-the-art venues and studios to accommodate esports events."
  10. They could have MAME cabinets, and fill each of them with games they can get the rights to. They could even be cheeky, and load them up with every game under the sun without permission. It wouldn´t make a dent into the profits of the IP holders, so they may not bother objecting. And if they do object, they could just remove the games from the objecting IP holder. As for fancy cabinets (like the ones with a seat, steering wheel and gas pedal), it would probably be best to buy old ones. They don´t need that many of them (unless this becomes a huge franchise), so they should be able to get hold of them even if they are rare. Although, there may be companies making such cabinets, and all you have to do is put relevant games in them. I would also guess that there would be consoles and/or gaming computers in the gaming playground as well. One or more Wiis would be nice, for those who are such inclined. Alternatively, they could have one or more of the three major consoles with a wide variety of games, including the Atari classics. Having a VCS filled with ROMs could be plan B. I agree that a cabinet in each room may be going too far, but if it had a wide variety of games, not just Atari games, it could be worth the space used.
  11. There is a list of Atari´s IP here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GtOwuQVdm-YWVtzM8Q7n2CsgTjThIi7M/view But I think that list only includes games released by Atari companies.
  12. According to Atari SA´s Wikipedia page they have the rights to it (see Game franchises owned by Atari, SA): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_SA#Game_franchises_owned_by_Atari,_SA Of course Wikipedia pages can be wrong. But I think Alone in the Dark and Test Drive used to be on that list, and now that they have been sold, they are no longer there. So the list seems to be well updated.
  13. Also Gibraltar, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Africa and more countries in Europe.
  14. Who knows what they will be like if they are made. But according to plans they will have Virtual Reality, bars and a gym in addition to things I have recently mentioned in this thread. I haven´t read anything about a pool.
  15. I am sorry, I was unclear. I meant that I was guessing there won´t be roulette tables with croupiers, poker tables with dealers and stuff like that. Instead I guessed that there would be machines on a small scale. I did some more googling and found that they are "looking to include a casino". I also found out that it will have a nightclub and that the restaurants will be themed.
  16. They said there will be "onsite gambling". What that means, I don´t know. But I think that if there were to be a real casino, they would have said so.
  17. Ethereum, which is the currency upon which Atari´s crypto-stuff is based, has fallen almost 13% since the stock market closed on Friday. I am guessing that is it.
  18. You are underscoring my point. Both of them involve immersing your body in enclosed heated water, but they are two different experiences.
  19. I thought you were being sarcastic at first. I am guessing it will be mostly conventional video games, with maybe a few rides or something for the smallest kids. It would be strange to use the Atari brand if they planned to mostly offer the other stuff.
  20. They sold more consoles because they made a better product, not because they had a better brand. They were one of the few companies in the world with the financial muscles to start competing with Playstations. Windows is an example of a brand with isn´t loved, but still strong. People don´t like it, but they are afraid of using anything else. But Windows and Microsoft are two different brands.
  21. I exaggerated of course, but it is my impression that the Microsoft brand isn´t something which exites people, rather the opposite, even if they buy their products/services.
  22. The stock dropped 17% today. I don´t know if there is some news behind it, or just speculation. Probably the latter. I made a brief search, and didn´t find anything. And no, I wasn´t searching my briefs.
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