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  1. Is the other font ("VIC-1xxx") available ? Did someone know it's name ?
  2. Ok my knowledge on this is slowly increasing, but there is still some weird things that I need to understand, like the set_scale function that could be used to size objects. It looks like that a scale value of 128 leave the object untouched, 64 divide the size by two, and so one. But I don't see how to deal with multiples values, like putting two set_scales instructions together. It seems that everything is relative ! I didn't manage to find a programming manual or similar stuff on this (only for assembly...). Is there resources for the Vectrex for C programming ?
  3. I tried to use int8_t variables to store my positions. Seems to work fine now !! Now I can go deeper.... Thanks ! 😃
  4. Hello there, I was studying the incredible Vectrex, and to understand more how it works I started to code a small sample. Well for now it's just a moving "sprite", but maybe in the future it may become a small game. 🙂 I'm almost unfamiliar with assembly language (my small skills are only on the 6502) so I used the CMOC compiler to compile a source written in C. For now everything is fine. I found some samples, and with them I was able to start. But now I have issues with the coordinates system. I understand that (0,0) is the screen center. My sprite position, when I move it to (0,0) is perfectly aligned with the screen center : My x/y variables are defined with uint8_t values. When I move slightly to the left (x = x-1), as my x value can't be <0 it becomes like 250, and it works fine. (Looping between 0...255, normal). So now I want to add a missile. When pushing a button a second "sprite" is added, moving on the +x axis, starting at the actual player position. The idea is to "cut" the missile once it is away from the screen. So in my code I have something like this : to "reset" the missile once it goes away from the screen. BUT 254 doesn't works as a limit, as x=254 means the middle of the screen. The good "edge" value should be 128 is the missile is fired on the right part of the screen, 255 if left. So I'm not sure how to deal with that. I can of course use an other variable or programming trick to solve this problem, but maybe it's not the good way to work. Is there a good way to deal with coordinates ? Like using a signed variable ??? (something from -128 to +128) ??? Thanks for your feedback...
  5. I manage to fix a Vectrex a couple of days ago... For my culture I just hooked a scope on the X Y axis outputs from the logical board. Interesting to see who the picture is actually rendered :



  6. Great news ! How many time does it take for a standard dumping at full speed ?
  7. Yes, sure ! I really love these colors, it matches the shell color greatly.
  8. Thanks a lot ! I managed to find it here for free : https://fr.ffonts.net/Banco.font.download Your result is great ! I'll totally try to get something similar. It looks like that the background is not totally white ?
  9. I tried to search on "famous" fonts sites (Dafont...) with no success. I'll try a raw google research.
  10. I used the tool http://www.labelmaker2600.com/ to create this cover for one of my WIP games : There is too much dark areas, I'll probably design a new one. 🙂
  11. Hello there, I just wanted to share one of my current DIY project. I have this VIC-20 cartridge in my collection, with the label in a very poor state : So I wanted to do the same thing presented by the 8-Bit Guy, recreating the label : My plan was to scan the cartridge label, restore the picture, and print/stick the new label on the cartridge. 🙂 I tried to see if something similar was already made or not, but I didn't really find something interesting. On the other side, it looks like that there is different versions of the cartridge (some are showing a "made in hong kong" text) ! So I choose to keep going with my label version. Here is the raw scanned data : The support itself is not in a bad condition, but the colors are quite bad (moisture ???). The cover plastic layer is also very damaged (bumps), even it's not visible on the scan. After a couple of hours on Gimp, here is the current result : I used threshold filters to extract the two colors (text, logos) and the two brown lines into two layers, and a small brush/eraser to clean the edges. I used the scan of an other label to compute the averages colors. Here are them : #2B1E18 for the text, #C69658 for the two brown lines. Didn't know yet if I will have to use Inkscape or similar to vectorise everything, I'll make some print samples to see... Next step in a couple of days : finishing the picture, and sample prints to see the result ! I tried to search the fonts, but it looks like that they don't exist. If someone have more information... (a name ?). Thanks !
  12. Actual VCS cartridges prices in France (picture taken in a second hand shop). (10€ = 12 USD) 🤔DSC_0848.thumb.JPG.68ed777605fdf162b3c306ef687a0e65.JPG

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    2. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      @Yoruk yes same kind of thing here. Though cashconverters doesn't have too ridiculous prices most of the time. Usually for video games and CDs/DVDs they have a fixed price for everything so some things are expensive and some things are cheap compared to how they are valued elsewhere individually. Am I right in thinking that the games in the picture say 9.99 euros? It is a little hard to see. I used to think of that as expensive but given how rarely I see VCS games I don't think that is too bad is it even for commons?

    3. Yoruk


      Yes, the cartridges in my picture are 9.99€. One other was 4.99€. Usually other video games (PS1 games, XBOX...) are quite cheaper (from 2 to 5 euros, some may be 10).

    4. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      @Yoruk yeah PS1 used to always sell for £0.99 here in the UK along with PS2 and Xbox in pretty much all charity shops and cash converters. Cash converters usually sell Mega Drive for £3.99 though i've only seen Mega Games 1 a couple of times so I don't know if they charge different for rarer games. I think 360 and PS3 are both £1.99 now but they may have gone down to £0.99. Same with Wii and DS. I haven't seen PS1 or Xbox for a while now though and PS2 games are declining in numbers at these shops but that might just be from when they reopened briefly in between lockdowns? I lost interest in video games for a couple of years from 2018 and only got interested again in mid 2020 so wasn't looking for them so much. Anyway, I don't think i have ever seen anything Atari in a charity shop or cashconverters.

  13. Hello there, I'm (desperately) looking for someone who have a Covox sound master board (the apple II model): I am trying to make a clone from pictures, but I'm missing some (important) tracks under some ICs. I already asked in a lot of places, but that this board looks very rare.... Maybe it will be my lucky day here ! 😃 Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello there, I've created a couple of months ago a replica of the (famous ?) Orchestra 80 music board for the TRS-80. The board itself is not complicated, only a latch and a 8-bit ladder R-2R resistor network. The software can be found here : https://willus.com/trs80/?q=orchestra- There is a disk image, and some assembly language sources. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do anything with an emulator (I use trs80gp). When I try to load the image the system crashes. I'm not familiar enough with the DOS TRS environment, so I'm not sure to understand what's wrong. My final goal is of course not to use the program on the emulator, but to run it on my physical Model 1. Unfortunately I didn't have the extension or any floppy disc drives, so I hope that I can use the tape to load the music... Some music pieces are available, but I don't know is there is a stand alone player, or only one big editing/playing software... There is also an assembly source available, but again I don't really know how to make it run into the emulator. Thanks in advance ! 🙂
  15. The TRS-80 book is great ! There is a nice stereo music schematics inside, I'll totally try to build this. 🙂 I'll also take a look at the other ones...
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