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  1. Actual VCS cartridges prices in France (picture taken in a second hand shop). (10€ = 12 USD) 🤔DSC_0848.thumb.JPG.68ed777605fdf162b3c306ef687a0e65.JPG

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    2. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      @Yoruk yes same kind of thing here. Though cashconverters doesn't have too ridiculous prices most of the time. Usually for video games and CDs/DVDs they have a fixed price for everything so some things are expensive and some things are cheap compared to how they are valued elsewhere individually. Am I right in thinking that the games in the picture say 9.99 euros? It is a little hard to see. I used to think of that as expensive but given how rarely I see VCS games I don't think that is too bad is it even for commons?

    3. Yoruk


      Yes, the cartridges in my picture are 9.99€. One other was 4.99€. Usually other video games (PS1 games, XBOX...) are quite cheaper (from 2 to 5 euros, some may be 10).

    4. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      @Yoruk yeah PS1 used to always sell for £0.99 here in the UK along with PS2 and Xbox in pretty much all charity shops and cash converters. Cash converters usually sell Mega Drive for £3.99 though i've only seen Mega Games 1 a couple of times so I don't know if they charge different for rarer games. I think 360 and PS3 are both £1.99 now but they may have gone down to £0.99. Same with Wii and DS. I haven't seen PS1 or Xbox for a while now though and PS2 games are declining in numbers at these shops but that might just be from when they reopened briefly in between lockdowns? I lost interest in video games for a couple of years from 2018 and only got interested again in mid 2020 so wasn't looking for them so much. Anyway, I don't think i have ever seen anything Atari in a charity shop or cashconverters.

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