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  1. Actual VCS cartridges prices in France (picture taken in a second hand shop). (10€ = 12 USD) 🤔DSC_0848.thumb.JPG.68ed777605fdf162b3c306ef687a0e65.JPG

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    2. Yoruk


      Yes, we can call these average second hand shops. You can find music instruments, books, garden / kitchen tools, and video games for machines of all ages. But in specialized video games shops, the prices are the same too. 🙄

    3. No One You Know

      No One You Know

      @Yoruk Really? That's pretty cool. In the UK charity shops sell lots of general things but rarely end up with video games or consoles or computer other than a few PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 games. Cashconverters sometimes have older consoles but rarely.

    4. Yoruk


      It's exactly this. We have charity shops (they sell things given by people) but it's very rare to find vintage videogames. But in cash converters-like shops it's very common, but at a high price (=my picture).

      I'll take more pictures as soon as possible (but not right now, these shops are closed due to the covid)

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