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  1. Absolutely. I intended to. Just have to get a bunch of pictures. I want to be thorough and show that each game currently works.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for all the info and the offers to buy these. I really didn’t know I had anything that unique. Given the amounts that have been offered, I think I’m going to list these on eBay. I do this more to use a reputable site that can protect both myself and the buyer than anything else, though as someone who doesn’t know how much these might be worth and how much could be profited after I sell them, I think this is best. The listing will have the option to make offers as well as bid, and when I have that link I’ll post it on here if you’re all interested in me doing so. I do want the games to get into the hands of people who will enjoy them, but I don’t feel comfortable with making a transaction of this amount outside of a known format.
  3. Certainly don’t want them sitting in a box for another 15 years. I had forgotten they were there until I was cleaning out closets. I would certainly be interested in selling them. Let me know how that would work for you.
  4. I was able to pick a character and then didn’t go further. I can try more and see. At this point knowing that it’s unique I don’t want to do da,age before whatever is on there can be copied.
  5. I’m not really looking to keep them, and would be interested in them going to someone who would appreciate them, whether they are played or part of a collection. There are a few more cards like these that are unlabeled as well.
  6. Here’s a video of Storm over Doris loading up on the Lynx I have. IMG_1547.MOV
  7. About 15 years ago I was given a Gen 2 Lynx console with a lot of games. Most of them are normal games, but then a few of them look like the ones in the picture below. Has anyone ever seen something like these? Do they have any value or significance? The only thing I found out is that Guardians is supposedly an unreleased game from Telegames, and I’m guessing the others are demo games meant for use at CES. They all still work in the Lynx console I have. Thanks!
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