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  1. I'm interested also (one piece).
  2. MacOS version updated to 0.5.2 https://github.com/mariusz-buk/effectus
  3. "Include" directive tested successfully on Mac. New 0.5.1 Mac version released.
  4. MacOS version also updated: https://github.com/mariusz-buk/effectus If anybody is using linux please contribute with linux versions. Fantastic job @Gury!
  5. New version 0.4.1 with MacOS binary you'll find here: https://github.com/mariusz-buk/effectus
  6. Anybody interested is welcome to join as a contributor. Repository is under control of Boštjan and I hope he'll be in charge of reviewing and accepting any pull requests. If you'd like to create a feature please use feature/short-name-of-the-feature format for a branch name. For all bug fixes please use bugfix/short-name-of-the-bugfix. Pull requests should be created against master branch for current version. I'd be happy to help if required.
  7. Hi @Gury When I prepare characters for Antic mode 4/5 I would like to just set a colour inside the character. Don't you mind if I suggest following changes? - add 4 colour definitions + 1 additional for characters in negative - resize the width of the editor to 4 columns (each pixel can use one of four colours) - allow to build blocks from characters and save the screen as .byte array (each row separated) This will make creating a board made from different characters much easier. What do you think?
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