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  1. So I've tried again on one of my HD TVs....this time I hooked it up via RCA. And the ROAR was there. So i decided to give the RGB Scart another try. And yeah....it's exactly as I tought. The TV takes longer to process the Input and if I listen closely with I could hear the end of the "ROAR"! (It was also obvious that the "Jaguar" logo was shown for a shorter amount of time) I guess the inputs on both systems just take long to process the Signal! So it's not a form of Lag. Thank all of you for the tips tough. It's rare for a newbie to be so welcomed in a forum 👍! So thanks a lot... Greetings from Germany
  2. So it turns out the problem isn't much of a problem. Hooked the bad boy up on my CRT with an old RF Cable....ROAR! Then i tried the RGB Cable on the CRT....ROAR! Seems that both HD TVs I own (Samsung, Philips) don't like the Jag! Or....and this is me guessing a lot..... they actually need a certain time to show the picture and the growl is already gone! Either way....it's a TV Problem and not a Jaguar Problem 👍! Thanx for helping me out tough! Now I can't wait for my controller, Tempest 2000 and Kasumi Ninja to show up. It's finally time for me to play some JAG 😍!
  3. Yeah searched all day for someone with a similar problem 🤣! But found nothing!
  4. It's connected with an RGB Cable (self-made by someone who owned the console before). Tested it on 2 TVs. Both times the result was the same! Thought about the cable beeing faulty. But before I invest in another one I thought I check if it's a known issue.
  5. Hy there. I got my very first Jaguar today. Hooked it up and it seem to work fine. Can't test much because I currently have no controller. Now comes the strange part. The start up screen has sound but is missing the growl when the Logo comes up. The music in the startup plays fine tough. Cybermorph starts up with sound effects but no music an no voice samples. What could be my problem? I am aware that the game could have mutet the sound by the previous owner but the partial missing sound seems fishy!
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