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  1. So it's only a partially completed thing anyway? Alright. Its a decent start though if it can run some things so maybe one day.
  2. Didn't someone get an FPGA implementation of a Jag running? I'm sure I saw it on youtube running Cybermorph though I don't know if it was legitimate or not or anything about it really.
  3. Pretty much every CD player I have encountered that is not a PC or a 7th gen and forward video games console, apart from one or two recent car CD players, only does normal CD-DA and has no support for MP3, at least not that I know of (I don't have many mp3 CDs to try but I would expect a lot of these players to advertise it in big letters if they had such a feature). It's been a little while but the same person that did MP3 rips years ago (well I suppose the only one with the CD) did FLAC rips too. I think I signed up to some Final Fantasy forum years ago just because I had to in order to downloads the flacs. I think I had trouble finding them in the first place. I was trying to find them today but couldn't and ended up getting the ones I downloaded in maybe 2017 or thereabouts off of another PC. I think I found where I originally got them from from a page on this ffshrine forum though it links to a dead file sharing site. Actually that can't be where I got them from, as that used a separate file sharing site so wouldn't need you to sign up to the forum. So that might still work but you have to have an account on the forum and apparently it takes a while to find. I actually came to this forum page because I noticed it had a CD iso but it does seem a bit small as the flacs I have here run 61 mins in total. MP3 is good but if you are burning an uncompressed CD then there is no point in using a lossy source if lossless is available is there. You reduce quality if only slightly for no space savings. This is where I assume I got them from: https://www.ralfcasino.com/forums-ffshrine/archive/t-199037.html But that lets you in without being a member. Maybe I'll just post them here as no one had a problem with Paul Westphal doing it. The Zip barely compresses it if not at all but it seems to be the only way to have the folder as one download (I couldn't figure out how to cancel the upload of each individual file so had to wait for them to upload and then delete them). Archive-bed8_defender_2000_cd_flac.zip
  4. I don't understand how you can "move" random conversations that spring up but jokes aside that thread sounds a good idea.
  5. Yeah I think my mistake is that I am used to thinking about the Jag doing 3D games but really the 68K it has is probably quite substantial for 2D stuff. My understanding (not programmer) was that each game has to boot with the 68K but after that any of the 3 CPUs can control any component. Like I think even the DSP can command the blitter and the OP if you want it to. If you want everything to be compartmentalised if that is the right term you do game logic with the 68K, sound only on DSP, and geometry stuff for 3D games on the GPU. The reason why using the 68K is meant to slow things down is because it can only run from main RAM (can it run direct from cart without still blocking others from main RAM?) so nothing else can access it while it is working. The GPU and DSP have their own caches that they run code from (and can only run code from as well though that's something else(. I think these are good points. Well if you do the same job on the GPU instead of the 68K then the 68K still has to use the bus for less cycles. The other system resources that need to use the bus just get more cycles which is what you need for more complex stuff. Yeah I suppose the average game doesn't need to worry about it. I just got too used to thinking about Jag Vs PS and 3DO doing 3D games and thought everything had to be ultra efficient. I think I was also thinking that Jaguar APIs were something that were more likely to be produced to help people along with 3D games as that is what is the most difficult with the Jag. Apparently a lot of those low FPS jag games like Checkered Flag, Cybermorph etc all do geometry stuff on the 68K. TBH it is sort of amazing they get the performance they do.
  6. I think they were actually talking about the new "VCS" rather than the 2600 as they were talking about having games all stored on one machine and they said it was new. But yes, it is annoying when people complain about something because there is no point in it - you'd think that those kind of people wouldn't be into obsolete technology. I have found myself in this kind of argument a few times, on both different sides for some reason. Sometimes I get annoyed when people act like its the best thing in the world, but I think that is just jealously inside me that I struggle to control, and also that I see some people as hypocrites because inside my head I imagine some of those people as if they would have been critics before whatever it is existed who act like they were with it all along afterwards. I think I've been torn apart a few times in different places for asking questions that were kind of programming related, and I saw once Agradeneu himself was torn apart by programmers for only being an artist and apparently not understanding the demoscene as they put it or something similar to that.
  7. Games collecting will get significantly bigger? That's a depressing thought. You make out like its not big now? I was hoping that the "Nostalgia window" was a thing that comes and then passes. I looked at 2600 stuff and was actually impressed that prices at least for boxed consoles were not stratospheric; I assume they must have gone down recently or just stayed the same for the last 10 years. Mega Drive stuff isn't that cheap but I suppose compared to everything else it is. For some reason I have boguht loose games for it in the past. Also, if you look on ebay, somehow loose PS2 games are a thing that happens somehow.
  8. I did but I don't remember thinking they were much different to before. I thought that with N64 too but apparently they have gone up. Too expensive before, but now everyone is acting like they have only just got like that and then I get worried. Though now with Jag stuff it seems all of it is boxed. What i want to know is why they are going up. I can't see that there is more interest than before or that they have got any rarer. Same with 3DO.
  9. Ok. This is the first time I have looked at this and I didn't get it. Yes that is very true. I didn't know that. I thought it was only ports of ST and Amiga stuff that used it. That sounds like a cliche motivational speech from a film. But in this case they are both the same thing.
  10. Jag stuff is STILL going up? I thought they were too expensive 5 years ago.
  11. What do you mean "don't drink the cool-ade"? I thought everything that did anything didn't use 68K? Just seeing whatever has been made recently looks like doesn't tell you anything.
  12. I would have thought anything modern would not use 68K at all but compile for Tom or Jerry instead? Is there really enough free bus time in Jag programs for using the 68K gto work well? I suppose APIs like these are a tradeoff between ease and efficiency of use and maximum performacne and that is the way that it has always been.
  13. Is that not CD emulation? Or does it support much higher bandwidth?
  14. Why? I wouldn't even throw a CD tbh. At least not a pressed one.
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