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  1. I did but I don't remember thinking they were much different to before. I thought that with N64 too but apparently they have gone up. Too expensive before, but now everyone is acting like they have only just got like that and then I get worried. Though now with Jag stuff it seems all of it is boxed. What i want to know is why they are going up. I can't see that there is more interest than before or that they have got any rarer. Same with 3DO.
  2. Ok. This is the first time I have looked at this and I didn't get it. Yes that is very true. I didn't know that. I thought it was only ports of ST and Amiga stuff that used it. That sounds like a cliche motivational speech from a film. But in this case they are both the same thing.
  3. Jag stuff is STILL going up? I thought they were too expensive 5 years ago.
  4. What do you mean "don't drink the cool-ade"? I thought everything that did anything didn't use 68K? Just seeing whatever has been made recently looks like doesn't tell you anything.
  5. I would have thought anything modern would not use 68K at all but compile for Tom or Jerry instead? Is there really enough free bus time in Jag programs for using the 68K gto work well? I suppose APIs like these are a tradeoff between ease and efficiency of use and maximum performacne and that is the way that it has always been.
  6. Is that not CD emulation? Or does it support much higher bandwidth?
  7. Why? I wouldn't even throw a CD tbh. At least not a pressed one.
  8. As an actual 16 year old, I can confirm that that is not an exaggeration.
  9. HI everyone. Thanks for replying. SOrry I didn't get back sooner. I hadn't checked for a while. I was having a day where I was acting unreasonable. Getting worked up over stupid little things. I sound really shallow talking about value and everything, but what I mean is that I seemed to have remembered looking for them and thinking they were expensive before, and then when I saw it I thought I was getting a really good deal (which is not often the case when buying from CeX). Recently compared to ebay I have found that prices weren't that bad (usually they range from average to unreasonable (seeing a £65 PS2 made my day a month ago)) but everything that seems to be at reasonable price will usually have one little thing wrong with it, but I suppsoe that is the same as looking on ebay. Thanks. I will remember that. Thanks. This was 12GBP (16USD apparently). Yeah gluing the cartridge is probably what I am going to now. I used to only care that things worked but at some point i started getting all precious over small things and need to stop really. Thanks for the thought. I don't know if you are in the same country as me though (probably not judging by "Genesis"), so me buying it wouldn't be that practical though someone more local to you might need parts I suppose, and I am always hopeful that things can be fixed and continue to work rather than be used for parts though that may not be possible. Pitched it as in sold it? I imagine the person buying would have used it for parts? I often wonder if things I have will be wanted by anyone. A lot of the time you think "surely not" but usually there will be someone who wants one and cannot find it. And of course sometimes that doesn't just mean something gets given away cheap, it means that it just gets thwon away, which I suppose is the positive side to things getting expensive and people knowing that it is valuable - preservation.
  10. Seeing that reminds me of the MS-DOS/windows elf bowling game where they moon at you when you miss.
  11. Thanks for this even though I'm not using cc65. I realised the other day that I don't even know how to use a compiler (no clue how you use lyxass). It really does help to have experience. Needless to say I won't be having anything at all done in 2 weeks. This helped shove it in my face that makefiles probably aren't going to kill me though.
  12. But Arkanoid *is* just breakout deluxe as far as I can tell. it adds stuff but it doesn't even change the core rule like columns does. I would imagine none of these games would have any use for an eeprom anyway (actually high scores I suppose), but I suppose it should still be in concrete in the rules anyway.
  13. I disappear for a week and now using the word "they" in a normal fashion is offensive and the christmas compo is actually a demoparty. Nice. People here seem to get offended very easily. If you want to see someone REALLY ignore (and actually ignore probably by choice rather than passively not knowing) the details, there is plenty of that in youtube comments sections. There is this one sega fanatic called Tornado1994 that comes to mind if you can find some of his/her posts. Seeing that like that reminds me of the ZX spectrum joystick interface I have (my dad must have bought it separately but thinks it came with when it shouldn't have), which I don't like that much, but it plugs in the back like all interfaces and sticks up like that with the port facing you so any joystick or gamepad has the wire coming across the keyboard. I think it is called the RAM (that's the brand name, because when running a computer accessory company you have to name it after whatever irrelevant technical word you hear the most. it doesn't add extra RAM) joystick interface or somethng like that. But it sticks up on exactly the same side and everything. Sorry for the absolutely awful image quality.
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