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  1. Looks good. We should be able to get a large number of boxes done pretty quickly hopefully
  2. They're definitely the most iconic. Most of them seem to have an image on the manual scan so they'd be pretty easy to do
  3. A few people have said about the original text labels which don't have boxes so I've tried a few ideas for Air-Sea Battle. Either the classic Combat style box, the silver style box or a custom 2600 inspired box.
  4. Cheers. That was one of the thing that annoyed me. I store mine in a box, alphabetically, with the top labels facing up. Some of mine don't even gave the top label any more so you can't see what game it is you just have to go on the games around it
  5. Not sure on the legalities of selling but I see loads of repros on eBay etc. But the more you have printed the cheaper each unit is so it would make sense to do a large print run. I think with large print runs reach box could be sold for around £1 / $1
  6. They look really nice. A collection of those would look sleek on a shelf. I was surprised it hadn't been done before. Originally I assumed they're be somewhere online and was looking for some to download but couldn't find any. I thought about doing one off designs. I noticed there's another thread about top 10 games etc. It would be good to do custom artwork for something like that that, Atari Age Top 10 sort if thing
  7. Nice. The dimensions I've been working to are (H) 100mm X (W) 84mm X (D) 21mm. I did it like that originally then I swapped the front and rear sides. If you look at my originals the Realsports Boxing was like that and then you get the join at the front. I switched it on the ones since so the Join us around the back. I'll try and get a PSD up tonight. When the box artwork is scaled down the front comes out at 100 X 73mm so I've just been expanding the canvas to 84 then filling with the background colour rather than stretching the image. Only thing what might be a pain is doing the tables in Photoshop. It might be worth doing collaborations of people can do 300dpi CMYK front panel Tiff's I can do the tables etc
  8. Yeah they look really nice. So much nicer than having a loose cart
  9. I'll have a play around and see how the layers come out as there's no direct way. Might have to go InDesign to PDF, open the PDF in Illustrator then to Photoshop from there. I'm still running 5.5 at home.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I've been using the cover project, this site and archive for the covers. The only problem with the box net template is that it's an InDesign file so people would need a copy of InDesign to open it. It would definitely help of others could do some as well though
  11. I know it might sound daft and it might be different for others but it makes me want to play them more too. My H.E.R.O cart is just the ugly white lable text version. My beamrider is also one of the later cheap looking White lable Activision ones. I love the game but haven't played it in a while. The minute I put it in the mini box I wanted to play it as the original artwork is so nice.
  12. Yeah they're definitely some of the nicest. I've got Ice hockey and H.E.R.O to do in my own collection. I think I'll move on to the text lable launch titles so I can have a go at some original artwork and the Activision titles.
  13. Yeah I know it's going to be a big project. Even if you say there's 200 games the majority of people would want. 5 a week would be 40 weeks. Now I have templates set up some don't take to long at all. Then you get to some like Asteroids where it took me ages to figure out how to fit 66 game modes into a tiny table. I'd say if I could get the most popular games done then do the more obscure ones as they are requested rather than setting out to do all 1000+ games. I'd imagine there would be a great deal of games which never get requested.
  14. Yeah I might try custom art for those ones. I've been wanting to have a go at 70s style game art for a while so this will give me a good excuse
  15. I've got another 19 to go in my collection. I think when I've done them I might stick a link up so people can download the pdfs. One I've got them all done I'm going to look into having mine printed professionally so I can let you guys know how it goes and send a link to the site I use. After that I can take requests but work, family etc will mean there might be a little wait. It would be nice to build a bank up so people can download the ones they need.
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