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  1. Today I was reminded why I'm tired of AAA games. I put CoD Infinity Warfare disc inside PS4. Immediately it started downloading an update of 20gb which would have taken 14 hours. I cancelled the download and started playing. Then the installation started which seemed to last forever, so I went to eat a snack and came back 15 minutes later. Well what about the game itself? Looks and sounds amazing, but it felt like I was on the rails and trying to keep up with AI team. So much is happening around me that after an hour I was tired and bored at the same time. I don't know if I will continue anymore .. I wanted to go and play Commodore 64 games with kids. I'm ready for Amico, we need it ASAP. 😄 Whatever the release date is, doesn't matter. I've been waiting for two years, couple of months more is nothing. 😲
  2. Thank you Pete for making all this waiting more exciting! 😄
  3. User interfaces/menus have often been annoying in Nintendo games. Wii Sport Resort for example, you have to press A thousand times before game starts. It's not practical, just frustrating.
  4. Have you played Tron 2.0 (2003)? Back then it was amazing experience being in that Tron world, great game.
  5. Fun games to play with friends and family. Also known as "joystick-killers". 😄
  6. I'm so glad this game was made, there's not enough good beat em ups. Last good one was Streets of Rage 2 (not counting 1vs1 beat em ups).. and that's 27-28 year old game.. amazing how time goes by. The first SoR I finished with my dad on normal and hard difficulty.. good times!
  7. C64 version was cool coop game where players works together figuring out puzzles... but I loved MSX version, you guys should check that out. https://youtu.be/qGrKnpzZayc
  8. Wow, that was interesting. In short, they said everything has been done before and there are some red flags related to financing. Also wondered why the last video was public, "nobody cares stuff like that other than possible investors". Can they really be that much outside of their minds..
  9. Absolutely, also Pete's YouTube channel is one of my favourites. A good change to see someone so upbeat and positive.. not forgetting that big ass smile 😄
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