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  1. Anyone know who can fix a sega game gear
  2. Yah I cleaned everything and everything looks good I even tryed to resoldering the ics and still nothing. I actually have one that was worse then that and I had to replace some traces and it actually works fine
  3. Well I do have this same problem but I also replaced all the caps but it still has this problem. Still can't figure it out ?
  4. Ok so I recently picked up a Sega game gear and I heard alot about the caps going bad on them. Well I ended up replacing all the caps on the main,sound and the power boards. And everything works but the sound. It dose however make a constant clicking sounds when you turn the volume up. Is there any idea what it could be? I've already ruled out it's something on the main board cuz when I switched the power supply and the sound board to another game gear it all worked fine.
  5. I did unplug it and also tryed different controler and it still did it
  6. Thanks for the help I'll give it a try and let you know of it worked 👍
  7. So I just fired up my ColecoVision for the first time in awhile and it all works like usual. I played it for about an half-hour and the the first player controller started drifting and eventually got stuck going to the right. I had a similar problem like this with my Atari 2600. It turns out it was a falty buffer chip. Any idea if that could be the problem here?
  8. Well I put the heat sinks on and put it all back together and it all worked!! Thanks everyone for your help!!! I'm happy to get this working once again.
  9. So yah I have it put in with the L7812 and it will work ok with the heat sink on but like if I leave it on to long it will get really hot and screw up but I don't have any thermal paste. What do you suggest the best stuff to use is? The other PCB has the same L7812 and no heat sink on it and it seams to work better / cooler. Mind that one the first pcb that I replaced just about everything on it except the 7805 regulator and the diodes. So you think it's just running hot cuz of the dioeds or the other voltage regulator? So the problem is definitely from the 7812. I know that cuz I did it without a heatsink and it screwed up in like 3 mins. Wile with the heat sink it's maybe 30 mins to an hour with no thermal paste. You think the thermal paste will make it last alot longer? Or could there be some better solution.
  10. Anyone know where I can get a stic chip
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