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  1. I have them all except the neogeo and sega saturn. All currently in my collection work and played 👌
  2. I don't know the original video but this is what I was talking about. Did anyone see the articl?
  3. I don't know if y'all remember this. But I think Tommy did say that there was going to be an article about the Amico in the AARP magazines for December, January. Has anyone seen it or what happened to that ?
  4. If there's any Atari VCS backers out there it would be cool to see that you got yours!!!
  5. The perfect example why intellivision Amico will be great. People are sick of games being unfinished (Cyberpunk 2077) and glitches out. Amico won't have that all the games will be finished from day one. Another thing is the graphics aren't the beSt. Well with Amico the graphics don't matter. Most of the games will be in a cartoon fashion and will look grate as of that. So no one will judge the game for graphic as they do now with Ps5 and Series X. So all and all the Amico will be great for this reason. It will have good games on day one and they will all be finished. People just need to learn to have fun again!!
  6. What about the Star Wars license... Bring back the old arcade Star Wars games
  7. Unfortunately I think only the founders and the VIP pre-order have the wood grain available.
  8. Yo Tommy didn't you say that there was going to be an article in aarp. We just got it for December and I didn't see it ?
  9. I did end up figureing out what to do. Heres a video I fallowed and it worked.
  10. I do realize that now and I'm trying to go through that process and it a job ... Lol lucky if it doesn't work I got another one 😅
  11. Ok just got a PS3 that don't play disc. Thinking I can just swap a disc drive I bought it but unknowing that you need to keep the one motherboard for they are married with the main board.... So I'm in a pickle now I do believe that someone was messing around with this before and maybe swapped the disc drive and not the daughter border with it... So is there any work around this or it's it just a waist of time ?
  12. Yah they had a mess of it all around the sides of both the cpu and GPU. I did my best to clean it off but it's possible that I got under the heat shield and on some components underneath. But I do appreciate your help and hope we can find a solution 😊
  13. And don't worry I tryed replaceing the powerswitch mother board also with a known good one. Didn't fix anything either
  14. Well yah unfortunately it doesn't matter if the fans on it or not it still dose the same thing. Idk if the clock battery has anything to do with it but it may be bad or something I really don't know. I'm still leaning towards the cpu shorted out with thermal paste somehow.
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