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  1. Hay thanks for the post man I always forget to post on here. Hopping to do more videos soon
  2. Well I don't think you can change the settings unless the game actually loads but you can always upgrade the VCS ram that might help
  3. How well will some Steam Games work on a stock Atari Vcs 800. Check out my videos
  4. Hi so I did the full installation of windows on my VCS. Now I would like to know if it's possible to go back to the VCS OS. If it is maybe you can help me with that. Also I wish there was a way to have both on one dive
  5. Hay guys for all of you who whant to know what it's all about come check out some of my videos on the Atari VCS .
  6. Yah the SD card works I did test it. But it don't seam to read any SD cards. I also thought it might have been a bad card slot so I replaced it as well and still don't work
  7. I believe the sd card is good it did work but now it's not working
  8. Or what about something like "Earth Worm Jim 4gotten about!??!"
  9. The new Earth Worm Jim better be called "Earth Worm Jim 4ever"
  10. Hi there I had this Sega Genesis Portable from ATGames for a little while now and I just want to play it again. I had an SD card in it and wanted to play a game off of and I can't seem to get it to work. funny thing is that it was just working the other day. Maybe the sdcard reader is bad or something? Also I replaced the card reader and I believe it's in right. Maybe it's it processer or something?
  11. As we all know these ATGames Sega Genesis Portable had bad sound. Is there a way to fix it? Yes... but I need help. I know about the neto boot loader works. But dose the sound fix apply to all the games on your sd card or just the ones that were built in? Iv been trying different version of this thing and it seems to work on Sonic and Shinobi. Iv also tried putting Earthworm Jim on this and we'll it has the same problem, the sound is off. Now dose anyone know if it's just the console it's self or is there a way to fix it ?
  12. How are you gonna do game capture if half of it might be on the controller screen????
  13. Yes I'm looking to find one of those. I recently picked up a ATGames Sega Genesis Portable witch was pretty similar. These ones tho are hard to find for a decent price. Most are 40/50$.
  14. Any chance on finding a 40 pin lcd that's all I need if I can get one that works
  15. I liked the Coleco one when I was a kid and I had no idea that they rereleased it. I might have to look into getting one of those. I like this handhald because of the name. Coleco was a pretty big company in the 80/90s and made alot of good arcade ports. Also the game are pretty fun and I enjoy it.
  16. Just counting it definitely has more then 25 pins. It has 40 pins
  17. Hay guys this may be a weird topic but maybe someones in the same vote as me. I have a Coleco Sonic with a missing screen. If you don't know what a Coleco Sonic is it's basically a handheld mini with 20 sega master system/Game Gear games on it. It's a pretty cool little system. I just need a new screen for this thing. Maybe someone can help me find one or knows more about it then me. I think the connector has 25 pins. Heres the original screen
  18. What about an Amico modern controller. You can still have a screen on it and motion control
  19. I have them all except the neogeo and sega saturn. All currently in my collection work and played 👌
  20. I don't know the original video but this is what I was talking about. Did anyone see the articl?
  21. I don't know if y'all remember this. But I think Tommy did say that there was going to be an article about the Amico in the AARP magazines for December, January. Has anyone seen it or what happened to that ?
  22. If there's any Atari VCS backers out there it would be cool to see that you got yours!!!
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