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  1. Hi All, I have an 1040STe that is displaying 33 bombs. long story is I had it sitting unused for years and known to be working. However, powered it up the other day and the PSU burnt out in front of me. I replaced the PSU with a new one. It now powers up but displayes 33 bombs and power cycles every 5 seconds or so. I have looked at all the other components and nothing else seemed damaged or charred. I have also swapped the memory with known good sticks. Can anyone suggest what might be going on and where to start looking for issues?
  2. Have you heard back from the author of HxC by chance?
  3. That's Amazing. Thank you so much! I only found this issue because I tried to search for "Sim City" but couldn't due to the M key not being there. Thanks again! hopefully some updates released soon.
  4. I think I would have noticed by now that keyboard would have been AZERTY rather that QWERTY. I used to use this Atari ST when it was new, with floppy disks so I have only got the issue of AZERTY in the Flashfloppy. Photo attached of the keyboard to satisfy curiosity. If we are looking at simple solutions has anyone gone to their Atari with a gotek with Flash floppy installed and tested it? Pressed F1 and typed qwerty? using either version 2.14 or 3.13a. Making sure you aren't using the HxC version. I have updated to the latest bootloader as well. using these files: https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/wiki/Downloads Also attached is a photo showing I am using 3.13a and flashfloppy selector version 8
  5. Have a read of this forum where I asked the same question. https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/issues/330 Looks like that is how the FlashFloppy is programmed. Coming into this flashfloppy world so late I find it odd though that there aren't others who noticed this. I got my firmware and software from this same page. https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy I might have a go of the HxC version to see if that has the same issue for me. Stand by for results haha
  6. I don't use any other boot disks or anything. thank you so much for the sysinfo file. Attached is a photo. it says that TOS is Great Britain. So, to be clear the AZERTY keyboard is only an issue in the FlashFloppy. Within TOS it is QWERTY. I even checked by making a new folder within TOS
  7. Country of Origin is UK, however, back in the day it was purchased new in Australia. I can't get the SysInfo to load as it isn't a .ST image. I should mention I am just starting out in this project so I have been trying to work out how to convert it and I am not having luck. IF anyone can help with this, that would be amazing! I have upgraded to version 3 and also running flash floppy version 8 now but it is still the same issue. I was looking into the HxC version and was getting a bit confused as to which files and firmware i need to run it on the Atari STE. Would you happen to have a good suggestion of what steps & files I would need to go down this path? Thanks everyone for your assistance!
  8. I also posted the question on github and this is what they came back with. https://github.com/keirf/FlashFloppy/issues/330 I can't find any specific files to suggest I loaded a french version so if anyone has any links to the files they used that would be appreciated.
  9. I should have noted that when I open any kind of text editing program they keyboard operates correctly. Its only and issue in the Flash Floppy Selector.
  10. hello all! I am having trouble with the keyboard using the flash floppy on my gotek. when i use F1 to search for files if it type: Q comes out as A W comes out as Z A comes out as Q Z comes out as W M doesn't work Attached is a photo with the version i am using. Any advice?
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