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  1. Personally I use about a 20" CRT TV for my Odyssey and it works great for my Odyssey, I also use a sony Trinitron which works good too.
  2. Hi 😀. would like to be put down for a spacewar and percepts box please. Thank you!
  3. Is Hunting adventure still available? If so i'd like to be adde to the list 😀
  4. I'm wondering if anyone is willing to sell any of the 1973 released Magnavox Odyssey games, which are Interplanetary voyage, Basketball, Brainwave, and W.I.N. Thank you again!
  5. Ok Thank you! Just let me know when your able to post to the U.S again
  6. Hello I would like to put in an order for a Multi cart with a shell. Thank you
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