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  1. Hi Draxxon, “apply update from SD card” with the firmware didn’t resolves because the screen returned, tough the apparently installed . I used every option of the menu, “mount/system” had an error. I tried to install the firmware with the “android toll” (nand usb) too. I think the system is empty, or without system files, cache, emulator, kernel. So confused, I have no idea.
  2. Hi everyone, Someone can help me? After an update, I got a freeze a few times, tried to fix it and ended up screwing up the console - before there were freezes, but it was playable. Now after the screen with the "atgames" logo, this screen appears in the attachment, I tried all the menu options, nothing worked. I tried to use "adb" and "android tool 2.69", but I don't know what to do. I think that only someone with more knowledge can help with this software problem, perhaps copying the original files of another model to my console. I'm sorry to sell the damaged atari.
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