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  1. The Designer was Mark Peters (Change In Heat, Iowa City). Maybe the way to create "PM Madness" is to have everyone Private Message this guy!
  2. Hey folks, I've uploaded a longplay of Pondering About Max's (1989). Hope you enjoy. @Mclaneinc, @Gunstar, @Fred_M, @therealbountybob, @erichenneke, @Allan, @ivop
  3. Heh. You might be in luck... I finished The Dream and PAM today, and I was thinking of uploading a longplay. But I wanted to make absolutely sure I wasn't missing anything important - like whatever this "PM Madness" thing is...
  4. Things I've tried: Down-jumping onto the pile of pool balls. If you move left, an invisible hitbox kills you. Jumping to the left edge of the platform that Max is on. If you move right, an invisible hitbox kills you. Catching up to Max while in the pressure cooker. Nothing happens. Pic for reference.
  5. So the game comes with a leaflet that says: Below I've listed some challenges and information not found in the booklet: - Make the right moves on the first level of The Dream to create "PM Madness" Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Hey folks! I've put together a video showcasing 25 games on the Atari 800. I spend 1-2 minutes on each game - so you can get a proper feel of them.
  7. It was advertised. It plays well. And it's rated fairly highly on AtariMania... And yet it is listed as a Prototype... Did Inhome Software go bankrupt or something? How and when did the prototype surface?
  8. Thanks guys. Very informative. Just had a few thoughts about XEX/COM conversions - purely from a preservationist viewpoint: What about splash screens with information on them? Wouldn't the game load too fast for players to see them? Do you think fixing game load times might give the wrong impression for future players? Like maybe you stumble upon a game and think "Wow! What a great game! I can't believe it was rated so low / overlooked for all these years" - when really the game was only available on cassette and had long load times between every single screen.
  9. I was under the impression that Atari 800 games came in three forms: Cart Files - ROM/COM/XEX/CART Disk Files - ATR/ATX Tape Files - CAS But then I stumbled upon some COM games that (according to AtariMania) were never released on cartridge: Air Support, Desmond's Dungeons, Encounter, Ghost Chaser, Zeppelin Moreover, the "Homesoft Collection" has a whole TRUCKLOAD of XEX games that were never released on cartridge. All of these load immediately - even with Altirra set to give accurate load times. So what gives? Did someone convert these disk files into XEX format? There is a small folder of "disk only" roms - Why couldn't these be converted?
  10. Found something that fits quite nicely in my video. The intro to the In-Store Demonstration Program:
  11. Hey! It looks like the notes played in the Atari XL/XE Audio-Visual Self Test are the start of Spelunker (1983).
  12. Wow. This game is great. I love puzzle-platformers (and puzzle games in general). Currently on the fifth screen of The Dream... haven't even tried the other games in the collection. Do you happen to know any good puzzle games from around 1979-1985? I've already played The Goonies, Zorro, Zenji, Journey to the Planets, and Castle Hassle.
  13. Alright. Spill the beans, Mclane. We know you're hiding some quality hidden gems. You might think they belong to your inner self identity or something... But we both know that they actually belong to the YouTube algorithm. /s
  14. I'm working on a video and trying to pick out some sound effects for titles, etc. Closest I have found is the Audio-Visual Self Test sound for the Atari 800XL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXl0VOej2yA Is there an equivalent for the Atari 400/800? - What sound plays in your mind when you think of the system?
  15. Just want to add that I have tried out each game on the Top 500 list released between 1979-1985. I have also scoured the database by year, looking at the genres I am interested in - Never would have found Maxwell Manor if I hadn't. But there's a good possibility that I missed some interesting games by limiting my genres, or simply judging by screenshots / user rating. You both seem like you have played a lot of Atari 8-bit games, so I have to ask, are there any games that you personally feel are underrated or overlooked?
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