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  1. Small update. Atomiswave is sold and has been replaced with a Sega Naomi which I'm in the process of consolising, all of the Atomiswave and Sega Naomi games via netboot! Taito F3 has been multigame converted, so many awesome titles to play. In the process of converting/repairing a Capcom CPS2 case to house and consolise a CPS1 board for the upcoming multi. Purchased a set of Jaguar overlays from @pboland and am awaiting the public release of the JagGD. Purchased a CoreGrafx to replace the PC-engine just because and am awaiting stock of the SSDS3 Converting an old X360 PSU to be the main supply for the 12V consoles, DC, SS, MVS, Naomi. Converting the Saturn to MODE ODE/2tb HDD and FRAM mod.
  2. Just had full set arrive downunder. Very high quality overlays, thanks again Phil.
  3. I've had the Bandridge, gscartsw and now a Whydra2.1, recommend them all.
  4. Whydra2 and new power setup installed, Pandora Box 6 removed. A few more tweaks and upgrades to go but finally getting more time to play the setup rather than play with the setup.
  5. Power rebuild time. With the new Scart switch I'm using the opportunity to rebuild the power setup. Most devices will be attached to 5V, 9V and 12V distribution blocks powered by Meanwell 12/5V and 9V PSU's. 12V 5.5A, 9V 4A, 5V 12A which will be more than enough. This will change the setup from 26 power sockets needed to 11. The console leads are all labelled with console name, voltage and centre/tip polarity which will help with testing.
  6. I've had a mostly good experience, and have ordered heaps of stuff. You should always sort by "orders" and check the seller feedback before buying. The only issue lately has been delays due to covid. For your missing items the main thing to watch is the item close date. You only have 15 days from the item close date to lodge a dispute after that you wont get ANY help from a seller or the site. As soon as the item reaches close date and it hasn't arrived lodge a dispute straight away. List the dispute reason as "Purchase Protection is running out, but package is still in transit" with a comment something like "Item never arrived" Some sellers will ask you to cancel dispute. Reply politely that the item never arrived and dispute will remain open. Also decline any nil refund or part refund offers from the seller via the dispute portal. This is the only way you will get your money back.
  7. Order declined, ah well. Ordered new controllers and extension leads from myatari on ebay.
  8. Hello, I've had a look around on the internet but can't seem to find anywhere that stocks replacement Jaguar controller rubbers, specifically the D-pad. Are they available or is there a substitute? I received a second controller and after cleaning, and fixing the lead, the pad requires a solid press in one direction to move. Pad rubber is at fault, verified by turning rubber 90 degrees and testing then turning again and testing. Also after supplier of known good AU, or international, aftermarket Jaguar plugpack as most online advertised plugpacks never make rated amperage. I'm currently using the original UK plugpack with an adapter and will buy a rated Meanwell adapter and change the plug as needed but would like to find out what everyone is using. Repaired lead. Hot glue gun to fill in the missing sheath. Lead then depinned and sleeved with 10mm heatshrink.
  9. The cube units easily fit a second console. Recommend getting a cabinet shelf jig and pins so you can move things about.
  10. Scart for days. Traded the gscartsw for a Whydra2 Repaired my original (1.4?) and backup (1.6) crystal xbox's. 1.4 had a bad clock cap which needed a bit of work to fix, had to clean the tracks and remount a few SMD components. Also added a 2tb hdd. 1.6 had rusted shield and bad power caps. Fixed caps and resprayed the shield, not as shiny but much better. Original on the right. At the same time I fixed the 3rd Jaguar. Replaced the bad power cap job and the sound reg and now we have sound. Also added a SMD diode for power protection.
  11. Went over them last night. Consoles are 2 NTSC 1 PAL. PAL: Flawless. NTSC: One with no sound and the other with a red jaguar logo hang screen. No sound unit has a bad main reg repair including recycled caps... urgh. I'll redo the repair and change the sound reg which wasn't replaced. Also had an internal AV piggyback on the board at some stage which will be cleaned up as well. Red hang screen unit is clean and untouched internally. Flushed out the cart slot with electronic cleaning solvent and it is now 100%.
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