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  1. PMR, thanks a lot for your help. your sprites motivate me to start this new project. i've played around furthermore with your yt technic an studied the sprite sets. so i designed the foot sweep i don't know if it is good enough for the game. i had the idea to this mini ik+ when i was a teenager, now i am 47. the fact that i never started with it always failed due to the limited graphics. this pixel arts are more than good enough! now i think it is time to write some asm code and see how it looks. i certainly have a long way to go before i can show something. if you are interested i can pm you when i have something presentable. thanks again 👏 aitsch
  2. i've used a similar method to the spinning kick. i googled the sprite set of ik+ and tried to transfer the moves to the character. for the walk i've tried your tip. i've never noticed that the speed in yt-videos is reducable or increaseable. the observation shows: when the fighter walks the torso is completely static. only the feets are moving. the tricky part is that the backwards leg is crossing the other leg. and this is my result of my try of your youtube method. this is my best outcome. but it looks that the fighter goes backward. what do you think? aitsch
  3. wow. i never thought that it is possible to create thoose expressive characters with only 8x8 pixels. the flying kick looks powerfull now. is this a natural born talent in you or can i learn this somewhere? @PAC-MAN-RED there are some broken links in your last post. The backflip looks very realistic but isn't it better to have one more salto-frame? the initial state comes anyway after any animation. nevertheless it is looking perfect. the knock down / out animation is 100% ik+! now i get brave i tried to design a spinning kick. not sure whether it looks more like a dancer (travolta style instead of ik+ style) 🤣 --> good enough for my profile picture one last question. how would you do the normal movement (forwards / backwards)? my try looks like the player is injured or a character from 'the walking dead' 😒 aitsch
  4. this is looking really good. thank you! I would never have been able to do that. I'm not sure about the block, because it is a backwards movement. here are the current results. aitsch blocking (hmmmmm???) what do you think about this blocking alternative (i don't like the last frame)? crouch blow (good) flying kick (something in the last frame could be better - it seems that this kick has no power) low kick (i love it) punch (i love it) high kick (good) would you make changes to this characters? how would you realize a backflip and a knock down in ik+-style 😉? aitsch
  5. hi everyone, i'm new in this forum. i'm developping simple 8-bit games for old computers in assembly language. while looking for animated 8x8 pixel sprites, i came across this post. i am very impressed about the sprites i saw here. especially @PAC-MAN-RED's animated 8x8 designs are fantastic. 👏 my new project should be an karate style game with black and white 8 x 8 custom characters. i'm not a big talent in designing grafics but i attached my current figures / moves. the ideal is international karate+ (yes, i know is a little bit ridiculous). the plan is to have 4 frames from the initial state to the last frame. all my trys to animate the frames from the initial state to one of the six moves ends in an desaster 😭 please, could anyone of you help me with this moves? it would be great! if you have improvements for the current character or addition ideas, you are welcome. thanks a lot for your help. aitsch
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