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  1. I'm having to dig up my account I haven't used in ages, but I'm going to compete! 54,040
  2. If you can't find an Intellivision II power supply, you might consider using an Atari 5200 power supply instead. It's what I've been doing, and so far it has worked fine.
  3. Vectrex System with one controller: $12.50 (Goodwill store) Atari Lynx (missing battery cover) with Blue Lightning cartridge: $3.50 (Same Goodwill store, next day)
  4. Complete and utter coolness! What beautiful graphics! A couple questions: Will the fountains serve a gameplay function or are they there for scenery/landmarks? Is the magic bridge object in this demo? I haven't found it yet, even after restarting several times. I have found the key and the sword, though. Also, those dragons seem pretty smart! After biting me, they'll follow me even when I'm a couple screens away! I think I have been able to lose them, though.
  5. Out of curiousity, Cafeman, have you played The Colossal Cave (the first text adventure)? I understand it was Warren Robinett's inspiration for Adventure. I suspect that you have indeed played it. The game featured a troll on a bridge like you were talking about, and some of your stolen items would be placed in a maze (though it was a pirate that stole them). Anyways, if there were any source I'd take ideas from (other than 2600 Adventure) it would be from this game. For example, you might consider having the player retrieve multiple treasure objects to win (instead of one) in some of the modes. As for whether the bridge should be in, I would like it if it was... however, if you find a bridge like the one in the original game complicates things too much, I suppose you could have it only let you cross over non-wall barriers instead (like moats, rivers, pits, etc.) so as to be more like a normal bridge.
  6. Interesting. I just renamed the file and it works fine, now. Anyways, it's pretty neat!
  7. I tried using the rom with VSS, but it didn't work... anyone think they know what I'm doing wrong?
  8. Out of curiousity, have you tested your game out on 5200 controllers that work less than perfect? My only 5200 controller has analog stick trouble (it doesn't move all the way to the right.) It works just fine in most games, but Buck Rogers is simply unplayable. So is Super Breakout, but that's more understandable. Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this trouble. So I guess what I'm asking is, how sensitive will control in your game be? Oh, and are there any "Easter Eggs" in your game? Don't tell us where they are!
  9. Tank Brigade (Panda) with a rarity of 6. Scuba Diver (Panda) which also has a rarity of 6. H.E.R.O, with a rarity of 5. Actually, I have several other games with a rarity of 5, but H.E.R.O is probably the most valuable of these, so I chose it.
  10. For a single player: Adventure and Solaris For multiple players: Video Olympics (aka Pong Sports). Nothing beats Pong. But Joust is close behind.
  11. For me, it was the Panda game Scuba Diver (which has been listed with a rarity of 6.) I cannot describe how bad that game is, but I'll try anyway. The most difficult part of the game is the stepping out of the boat without being eaten, which is how the game begins! If you do manage to destroy all the fish, you can then get just about all the points you want just shooting a fish as it comes up from the bottom of screen. There's no reason to even bother trying to get your way down to the sunken treasure screen; you simply can't get enough points for the risk. However, it is well worth the $2 I paid for it just to have around. (It's not the worst 2600 game I own, though. That award would have to go to the Froggo game Sea Hawk.) Anyhow, I know I've heard of some extraordinary finds before. I'd like to hear how big the fish were that you've caught all on your own...
  12. Unfortunately, I'm using software that's around 7 years old. But that's not going to stop me! The only real trouble I'm having is doing the fonts, but I figure I can find a way to conquer that... I've been wondering, what resolution should the images we send you be?
  13. I'm working on an entry as we speak. Hope you like it! Is it all right if I send it to you as a PCX file?
  14. By the way, my box has the sticker too.
  15. I checked the manual and the box, and they appear to be identical to those pictured. I noticed, however, that the pages of my manual are in a different order than those pictured would have one believe. (The site shows the "Viewing Game Action" page before the "Strategy" page, my manual has the opposite.) It could be possible that my manual's pages are in a different order than typical, though I figure it's more likely that whoever put the scanned pages on the site made a mistake in the order that pages should be in.
  16. Well, I don't have the Basic cart myself, but I'll use an emulator and give it a shot!
  17. About half a year ago I bought a 7800 Ballblazer cart new in the box off Ebay. After I got it and placed it along side my other 7800 carts, I noticed that, unlike most of them which had silver end labels, my Ballblazer's end label was red. It didn't mean much to me at the time, but now I realize that Ballblazer also came with a silver label that was more common. So just how rare is my version of Ballblazer? Are the games themselves identical? (I imagine they are.) And why is there a red label version in the first place? I don't remember seeing any other 7800 games with red labels...
  18. I own an Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, an Odyssey 2, and an Intellivision II (which, unfortunately, I can't use... I don't suppose any of you know where I can get a power supply for one?)
  19. The very best, in my opinion, is Video Olympics/Pong Sports. Indy 500 and Joust are also great.
  20. You have got to use the kind of strange symmetrical mazes that the original featured! Several months ago I started making a few of these kind of mazes for the fun of it (though I thought about using them in a game for the PC). As far as I know, they are compatible with the original Adventure (that is to say, Warren Robinett could have used them.) I have found that those things are pretty difficult to design! I could draw these out on a paint program and send them to you if you like; perhaps you could use them in Adventure II, if each room of the mazes will be the same dimensions as the original. By the way, are you going to be using any of the original areas from the game? Perhaps you could simply expand the already existing "world" in Adventure for Adventure II (such as by removing two or three walls and adding a lot of new rooms).
  21. I vote square. But you could make the square slightly 3D looking, if you like, perhaps by making it's lower edge darker (or lighter) if you understand. But just a simple square would do fine. Besides, you'll want to save your sprites for other objects and creatures. By the way, are the dragons going to be more than one sprite in width? You could make each dragon two sprites to give them more detail, though this may lead to flicker. But then, the original flickered a lot too.
  22. How about a Tron game? That is, a game like Surround, but with higher resolution, and the ability to change speeds like in that one part of the Tron arcade game with the light-cycles.
  23. "Choplifter" (Actually, I seem to recall reading that there was some work on a 2600 version, is that true?) "Spare Change" (A game I used to play on my Apple II. Anyone here remember it?) "Galaxy Quest" (That is, if it had REALLY been around in 1983.)
  24. I wonder how much a 5200 multicart would cost. I would really like to have one, but it would probably be too expensive for me. It might also spoil some of the fun I have looking for individual carts.
  25. Keeping in mind I only own 9 7800 games, of the games I own my favorite would be Food Fight, and my least favorite would be Pole Position 2.
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