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  1. That is what happens when you need money right away. I sold that game along with several others and controllers and got half of what you paid for that game.
  2. It's a couple of brackets from Amazon and those picture hangers. Works great
  3. I'm glad they went to someone here.
  4. Yes it did, and getting to play all the new games, those were the days, miss that old 8088 though.
  5. For me it was when I finally saved enough money to upgrade my 8088 in 91. Bought a Computer Shopper, picked out all the parts I needed, went with a 386 DX/40 1 Meg of Ram (I think) and a new case. The rest I transferred over from my 8088, had VGA, Soundblaster 1.0, 40 Meg RLL Harddrive, and something else I can't remember. Got all the parts in, put it all together and turned on first time I tried it, was booting back into DOS (Unlike if you transferred a hard drive to a new machine today) and was back playing all my games, plus some new ones I had got that didn't run on the 8088. Was an amazing time, and so glad that everything just worked.
  6. Here is my setups. The 800XL and the 2600 share a 32" flat screen TV I bought brand new for $50. Found the 800XL when I was in a local used game store when I was looking for 2600 games. First one I've ever seen in the flesh. Also have an Uno Cart and around 10 games for it. Bought it before everything went to hell. So far enjoying it.
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