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  1. I have got a couple on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173811028957?hash=item2877f1d3dd:g:9yQAAOSwQTRb54hE
  2. Great... cannot wait for it! My two Cocos need a Keyboard!
  3. Hi MrDave... any news on when the keyboards will be available?
  4. Can't wait... two Cocos waiting for a keyboard!
  5. Thanks... any clue on the size of the screws? I would like to put them there if at all possible.
  6. This is my motherboard. The flux I mentioned before is gone as I have thoroughly cleaned it with IPA on both sides as I noticed lots of flux on it. I have already started to mod it for composite video (thus the missing RF modulator). Also replaced the push buttons as the original ones were somewhat faulty. Console works just fine, however, the cartridge sleeve is a bit loose without the screws.. just wondering the size they should be and probably I may be able to get something similar.
  7. It seems so, as there was a lot of flux on all the pins of the cartridge port. I guess it was replaced at some point and probably that's when the screws were removed/lost. My concern is the cartridge sleeve is a bit loose.. every time I take a cartdrige out, I am worried I may end up pulling it out.
  8. I have just bought a 7800 console to mod it for Composite video. The console has a loose cartridge cover as it is missing the two screws it should have. By any chance anyone knows the type and size of screws I should put there? Thanks.
  9. I just signed up... btw, I found two keys on the Coco 1 keyboard are missing the copper "contact" that gets pushed when the key is pressed so these two keys are not working... any idea where I can source these?
  10. Yes I saw it yesterday.. he mentioned the color was not a real match though. So I am looking for this paint.. and see how it goes.
  11. Trying to get it to the original color... asked in the CoCo maillist and got a response about Mercedes-Benz CLK Class 744 Brilliant Silver. I am contacting a local paint company to get a couple of cans of this color... is this the correct one?
  12. I am right now refurbishing the CoCo1 I just got.. need to repaint is as the silver gray color has seen better days.
  13. Earlier today a Coco 1 computer was delivered at my door. Initial testing shows a couple of non-worklng keys. Stilll need to deep clean it. Wondering if these keyboards will fit CoCo 1s too?
  14. Well... I am new to CoCos.. I have not been able to test the CoCo 3's because of the keyboard. Now on the Coco 2... I have a Diagnostics cart...everything passed with flying colors. How can I check on all these items?
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