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  1. Looking forward to today’s presentation at virtual VCF East. Break a leg, @tschak909
  2. Me too. It was my first thought upon reading the topic title.
  3. A display cabinet is a great idea. I’m gonna have to keep an eye out for something similar. Thank you for the idea.
  4. Picked this up in a recent eBay auction... needs some work on the keyboard: 466275 #153 AW490365 4/15
  5. AeroDD


    It was the postal system. Slovakia Post to USPS.
  6. AeroDD


    In case anyone was curious as to current shipping times to the US for and AVGCART, @tmp sent mine on 17 Aug, and I received it on 27 Aug. 10 days isn't bad considering the state of international shipping these days. Thanks, tmp! This device is really great.
  7. SIO pin 10 is +5V/Ready and in Mr Robot's diagram is wired to the 5V pin on the underside of the Arduino. I just inserted a switch on that wire, so that the switch opens/closes the circuit. A SPST switch would work, but I had two matching SPDT switches, so I only wired one side of the switch. It's a little hard to see when zoomed in (and behind the wires of the other switch), but the red/orange wires are how I wired the SIO +5V line. Also, StickJock makes a really good point, this doesn't disable the USB/barrel power, so you have to be mindful that you don't supply power through both SIO and external power. Their recommendation of a diode on this line is probably a good idea.
  8. Here are a few pictures. Sorry they are a little blurry, and please forgive any poor solderwork (I'm a novice at soldering).
  9. I put one together with a DIP style Arduino and included two switches. I followed Mr. Robot’s guide in my build. I haven’t tried a firmware upgrade so I’m not 100% sure I got that right, but at least the power switch between SIO and USB works correctly. I’ll try to get some pictures uploaded later.
  10. I’ve not tried DMM, but did you try a translator disk with the XEGS setup? Maybe it requires the older OS to run properly.
  11. I remember typing in Skyscape from Compute magazine back when I was in junior high school. I thought it was pretty cool to be able calculate the position of planetary objects. Certainly the timeliness of Halley’s comet’s return helped with increasing interest in these types of programs. Out of curiosity, I checked the article and code to see if it was Y2K compliant. The article says it works for dates from 1977 and into the future, the BASIC code requires a year input > 1977. Makes me wonder how far off the calculated positions for a date some 35 years after the program was written are from reality.
  12. Pretty sure it’s real, or at least somebody’s dream to open them. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/28/tech/atari-hotels-trnd/index.html based on the date, it was announced before April 1
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