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  1. I just recently got my hands on my first MiSTer and documented the build and setup process. Also discuss some of the newest features such as installing with Mister Fusion and the new RTG capabilities of the Minimig (Amiga) core, along with some demos of retro games, pricing, and pros & cons versus traditional software-based emulation. Enjoy!
  2. Looks like I'm going to need to pick up a CoCo SDC so I can get the most from the systems. Are there any "must try" pieces of software?
  3. Thanks I had zero knowledge of the machine so it really is an uneducated first look. I've been playing around with it a bunch since the video and I hope to do a much more thorough technical review of the system later on after I get more familiar with it. I just took delivery of a CoCo3 as well, so I'm looking forward to learning about that one too
  4. 1902 is the Fujitsu variant and has a DB9 connector. In case I failed to mention it earlier, it's been upgraded to a 2002 by adding back the missing components so the analog RGB input works, and I've tested it successfully with all the other devices no problem. Only the Apple has the sync issue. The 1084 is the Philips variant that is a couple years newer and has separate DIN inputs for both digital RGBi and analog and auto-switches when it detects a signal.
  5. Yea the IIgs works great when directly wired to the 1084 but it has never worked well with the 1902. I'll attach a close-up of the SS2. The only relevant setting is csync TTL or 75ohm. It only works at all with TTL. Hsync as Csync does what it says and puts csync on the hsync pin. The 1902 is wired up to the terminal block and works great with the Genesis, Atari ST, Amiga. I use the HD15 to connect to my capture device that supports 15khz input and works great with those other devices but also cannot sync to the IIgs signal.
  6. The monitor is a Commodore 1902. Nothing special about the cable itself, it's connected straight through. I even shortened it from 6' to 3' just to make sure it wasn't too long. The monitor works great when using the SyncSlayer with other SCART/RGB inputs including from Amiga, Atari ST, and Megadrive/Genesis. The cable itself doesn't appear to have anything extra, so I'm wondering if there's something odd about the sync signal coming out of the Apple. I don't own a scope (yet) so I haven't been able to look at that.
  7. Hi all, I want to extend the internal USB port on my Booti card to the back panel of the IIgs. Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf extension that will either clip or screw into one of the free db9 or db25 sized ports? The panel mount USB extensions have screws that are 30mm center-to-center which is too wide for the db9. Short of making a custom bracket for the db25 size, I was hoping to find something that just works. Thanks!
  8. Awesome, thanks! Ahh good to know, thanks!
  9. Glad you liked it! I found this thread that has a big dump of Asgard software, including some of the ToD dungeons. It also has links to three collections of dungeons but the FTP site appears to require a login these days If anyone has a copy of those, could you post links here?
  10. Very cool! I was trying to find copies of some of the Asgard dungeons for the video but didn't have any luck. We had some of them on cassette growing up but my folks got rid of everything long ago. I only recently got a TI and all the necessary bits together to play it again!
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