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  1. lol /me does a quick search on images.google.com so he can claim it
  2. Big Megadeth fan as well, but I must say I'm sick of hearing "Gears of War", I listen to Sirius' Hard Attack almost all day while at work and they play it way too often
  3. You found Custer's Revenge interesting enough to play until you flipped it. That is truely hardcore, man. -Ray lol, nope it's a lame game useful only for laughs, but I flipped it cause by the time I got tired I was like "what the hell lets see if it rolls" and I kept going.
  4. Space Invaders and Custers Revenge
  5. About the only good thing we'll have to look forward to is some collectors child selling their Quadrun, BBSB, and the like on eBay after their crazy grandpa is dead (that is only if you are really young now.)
  6. Haha, that's pretty neat! I could send them these: Pitfall! - 1:42 Boxing - 1:42 (KO in 18 seconds) Superman - 49 seconds I did send the Pitfall! tape to Twin Galaxies; once verified, I don't think it will ever be beaten, unless somebody figures out a new move to pick up an extra 4 - 5 seconds, but I can't imagine how that would be possible. I expect to be tied by someone else in the future at least. But, as far as I know, I could end up being the 1st verified player by Twin Galaxies with a perfect 1:42 run Damn you!!!! ::shake fist at sky:: j/k Good job. I was able to get that when I would practice with Stella. I'll have to dig it up out of my box-o-carts some time in the future, currently busy with another gem
  7. Just thought I'd mention that the counter rolls at 10k and the current record is in the almost 500k range.. so...
  8. Cool, I don't have PF2 yet, but it's on my list of carts to get from eBay.
  9. Looks like without the final jump the remaining time would have been 1:29. Ya know I thought of that after looking at it too.... Oh well
  10. Haven't read the debate, but IMHO there are too many things that can be affected through emulation. No emulation is perfect, and if for example the timer runs slower on certain emulators, then you are going to have more time remaining on Pitfall at the end. Then there is the possibility of hacking an emulator to give you exactly those differences on purpose... Choice of joystick (as long as it doesn't somehow hijack the programming), choice of monitor, even choice of console should be irrelevant. But once you remove the programming from its "natural" environment, there are too many things that can go "wrong" for it to be a reliable platform for gauging records. ~G Yeah I don't agree with emulation being tracked along side consoles either
  11. Congrats on the new Pitfall! record gameprogram! That is unreal! You sure put an end to my little party, I sent in a tape last week with a time of 1:15 remaining, but using a different pattern than you. Looks like it's back to the jungle for me! Thanks! I've moved onto the next game (hoping I can avoid playing Pitfall! for at least a while) The story was slashdotted yesterday and it took me down and TG down, here is a mirrored link to the last few seconds of the run made humorous http://www.mirrordot.org/media/118a002a729...l128Dvignes.wmv
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