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  1. New video! I loved Super Dodge Ball on the NES. What if we got a multiplayer motion-control dodge ball game on Amico? Wouldn't that be something? Thanks @Intellivision Master as always!
  2. I'm doing these segments for those who weren't able to or didn't want to watch the whole interview. This one was a discussion about the upcoming baseball game for Amico. More to come! Thanks for sharing, Intellivision Master!
  3. Thanks Pete! You are the Amico YouTube master so that means a lot!
  4. Agreed. I would stay way from that location for that very reason.
  5. Thank you all! Really appreciated the chat - it was interactive and lively! It's quite the feat to watch every interview Tommy does AND keep up on AtariAge but I tried to go new directions and we had a great show.
  6. Hey all, the live comment replay from last night just finished processing, so here's the link if you care to watch. *Now with embedding* 😂 I have gotten so much great feedback on this. Thank you to all who tuned in or submitted questions. It was awesome!
  7. Tune in tonight at 11pm EDT for a Live Chat with @Tommy Tallarico about the Amico! https://youtu.be/uXgiF4lh_GM
  8. New video! For Father's Day I share some of my earliest memories of playing video games with my dad—who, it turns out, is the inspiration for this channel. ‬ Posting here because most of the memories were about Intellivision. ‪ Happy Father's Day to all! ‬
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