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  1. New video! I loved Super Dodge Ball on the NES. What if we got a multiplayer motion-control dodge ball game on Amico? Wouldn't that be something? Thanks @Intellivision Master as always!
  2. I'm doing these segments for those who weren't able to or didn't want to watch the whole interview. This one was a discussion about the upcoming baseball game for Amico. More to come! Thanks for sharing, Intellivision Master!
  3. I was 8 minutes late this time! You really are the Master!
  4. Thanks Pete! You are the Amico YouTube master so that means a lot!
  5. Agreed. I would stay way from that location for that very reason.
  6. Thank you all! Really appreciated the chat - it was interactive and lively! It's quite the feat to watch every interview Tommy does AND keep up on AtariAge but I tried to go new directions and we had a great show.
  7. Hey all, the live comment replay from last night just finished processing, so here's the link if you care to watch. *Now with embedding* 😂 I have gotten so much great feedback on this. Thank you to all who tuned in or submitted questions. It was awesome!
  8. It's true. He's usually faster to posting my stuff than I am!
  9. Tune in tonight at 11pm EDT for a Live Chat with @Tommy Tallarico about the Amico! https://youtu.be/uXgiF4lh_GM
  10. New video! For Father's Day I share some of my earliest memories of playing video games with my dad—who, it turns out, is the inspiration for this channel. ‬ Posting here because most of the memories were about Intellivision. ‪ Happy Father's Day to all! ‬
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