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  1. As for the sixth pack in game, I still think that the Amico should keep with Intellivision tradition by offering Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack. Pull the shifty-eyed dealer out of retirement and put him on the payroll!
  2. Hey Tommy, Any chance that you'll publish a book? I'd enjoy reading about your accomplishments, such as video games live and Intellivision Entertainment. The title of your book could be "Wouldn't that be something," and if possible I'd like to get an autographed copy.
  3. Hi Tommy, Has Intellivision Entertainment decided on when Woodgrain founders can expect to receive a bill?
  4. Hi Tommy, Recently I bought something on Radio Shack (yep, they're still in business) called "InventrKits Adventure Kit: 30 Days Lost in Space." I've always wanted to learn coding and circuitry, this item makes it into a fun activity, so with that I justified my impulse purchase. https://www.radioshack.com/products/inventrkits-adventure-kit-30-days-lost-in-space If something like this were offered on the Amico, I'd set my budget conscious aside (again) & buy it for my founder edition.
  5. Hi Tommy, I look forward to your update on the Amico's status.
  6. Yet another reason why the Intellivision Amico will be the Dark Horse Console of the 2020s...
  7. One of my favorite aspects of the original Intellivision "Cloudy Mountain" game is the distant scary sounds. You can't see the monster (yet) but you could definitely hear him roaring or hissing! That's what I'm hoping will be carried over to the rebooted Amico version. If the Amico version has those scary elements, won't that place the game in the E10 category? After all, we all know how scared children can get.
  8. Hey Tommy, did you get an earful from the Reddit/ Gamestop hoopla that's going viral on the web? I guess it's safe to say that Gamestop will be around long enough to sell galaxy purple consoles!
  9. Will Amico users be able to send in error reports? For example: In the Sega Genesis game "Tommy Lasorda Baseball" see what happens when your outfielder catches the computer's fly ball, and it has a man on second or third base. The computer's players will continue to run for home rather than run back to base. What's worse, if the computer's player(s) make it to home base then they'll actually score! I'm confident that Amico baseball will be better programmed but if the unthinkable happens then I'd like to make contact with the quality control team.
  10. Hi Tommy, Here's an idea for physical media that have a food theme such as Burger time or Tapper: include an instruction manual that looks like a menu, just like the ColecoVision version of Tapper.
  11. Want to sell more consoles? Then here's something that you can pass along to Intellivision's marketing department... video games and booze are a winning combination! 😆
  12. Why is Amico going to be the "dark horse" console of this decade? It has four of the five key elements, listed in the advertisement below, that made the classic 2600 into Atari's most successful product: Arcade classics, games with single player modes, priced to sell, and easy-to-use controllers. Contrary to the advertisement below, the 2600 didn't necessarily have the fifth key element: "best games" (I'm looking at you, Pac-man port!). However, Atari proved that you can be known as "the best in the business" just by being popular. It still happens all the time (I'm looking at you, Zoom!). Amico may not be destined to offer the largest library, but at the least they will have quality games. After all, I dare say that one of many reasons why the classic NES was a success is because Nintendo pioneered the "seal of quality" concept. With the NES formula ("quality plus the other four key elements") , something that's slightly different than what this Atari 2600 advertisement boasts, Amico will become a success.
  13. At the time of writing I was only thinking about the boot up sequence, but it would be cool to see both
  14. Hi Tommy, How soon are we going to see the Amico boot-up sequence?
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