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  1. I believe you are correct, in my normal boot disk, it has a folder100 file. This particular boot disk doesn't, so I will need to add that to the auto folder, thanks!
  2. Alright, finally got all the partitions copied and now the main Mega STe is booting with the SD card perfectly. Thanks so much for you help Peter, I could not have done this without your insight and help and patience. Now, just need to make a copy of this card so I can re-arranged the files and have a cogent booting disk!
  3. OK so far so good, however, I could not copy the last partition, something about not copy that far down the tree and needing folder100, any ideas on what I need to do next? Thanks!
  4. OK, it seems to be working now, let me copy the files and then boot from the new SD card and see if that works. One of the main things is that I can boot from the SD card copy the Maxtor C drive, which is now the US SD J drive, will I need to install some kind of auto boot file on the J drive? Thanks!
  5. Just to understand, I can use the SD card I have already partitioned using your software, or do I need to re-partition the SD card after the auto-boot of the Maxtor? Do I use the partitioned SD card in the US after the Maxtor auto-boots and do I NOT install the auto-boot program onto the SD card? Thanks!
  6. OK, on the US is your partionware and drivers, Peter, on the HD it is ADH v5.00, I am including some pics of the startup. It may be the only way to do this is to do a Diamond backup of each partition and then put them on each of the US partitions... So Peter, should I use an SD card partitioned but with no boots on those partitions?
  7. OK, on the US is your partionware and drivers, Peter, on the HD it is ADH v5.00, I am including some pics of the startup. It may be the only way to do this is to do a Diamond backup of each partition and then put them on each of the US partitions...
  8. OK, tried using the US config program to change the IDs of the US changed to 1 and 2, but still no go with the SD cards, the Maxtor comes up fine. At this point it would seem as though the drive may be installing some programs from auto that are interfering and not allowing communication with the US, I can pull up only 1 icon for each SD card, but no communication or otherwise with the SD cards in either slot. Also, I note that on boot, the screen does show the Maxtor ID:0, Jookie US ID1: and Jookie ID2:, but no indication of partitions of any SD cards, which is not how the screen looks when booting up with the US only. Totally flummoxed here, what a bite in the ass!
  9. Alright, now this is just turning into major frustration. Couldn't format/partition a new card at all, but the ID: 1 card was still formatted and partitioned, so on to that card, it comes up with the proper drives (I-O) with the US ONLY and the ID: 0 card (the card I use in my main MegaSTe) in the first slot on the US. Changing the SCSI on the Maxtor at the drive to 2, it's not even recognized with any cards in the US. Changed back and moved the red switches around to various combinations and the Maxtor comes up with a space of 41 bytes (or something like that) so not recognized for all purposes, can access any of the partitions. Man, what kind of fubar is this?
  10. OK guys, so to understand, the SCSI controller is set right now at 7, correct? I just checked my drive and it is set at 0, and of course the US is set at 0 and 1, correct so far? So, do I change the settings on the Maxtor to, say 2, and go from there? Or do I want to change the settings on the red switch on the internal SCSI drive to, say 2? Thanks, I feel progress is coming!
  11. Thanks, snark, so right now the target ID is 7 on both SCSI controllers, correct? So I should not have any problems with using 0, 1, or 2 for the ID for the US, right? If that is the case, I wonder why the startup screen is showing 0:Maxtor, 1: Jookie UltraSatan, and 2: not responding?
  12. BTW, the red switch on the SCSI controller in both of my Mega STe's is set for "1,2,3" in "ON" position, if that helps. Thanks
  13. Thanks Tillek, not sure what to look for on the internal SCSI controller (?) in the Mega STe but I will take a look. Primarily I want to copy the contents of the Maxtor onto an SD card and archive it as well as have the opportunity to boot my main Mega STe into either that drive (I-N) or my current SD card setup (C-H), leaving the Maxtor in place and running that for fun, although that 120 meg drive, with its 5 partitions is already full in every partition! And in fact, has a lot of zip and LZH files on it that cannot be de-packed on that drive, there isn't any room. There is quite a lot of cool stuff on it includes numerous online magazines that I want to read and save and I can also learn a lot from the setup on that Maxtor about setting up my main Mega STe. I also have a TT that I need to get the sound fixed on and I also want to archive it's contents too to be able to use or keep around. Does any of this make sense? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Peter, so what I need to do is to set the US to 1 and 2, correct? When the system spins up, the initializing screen shows 0-Maxtor ###, 1-Jookie UltraSatan, and 3-not responding. I have the switch on the back of the US switched down, if I switch it up I get nothing as I believe that the US is now target 0 and is conflicting with the Maxtor HD, do you have any further ideas on how I should set this up to allow me to write to the US the partitions from the Maxtor?
  15. Hello, running into a problem with trying to copy partitions over from a hard drive onto an SD card in a US. I was able to finally get the US to work with the new card as target 1 (partitions I-O) and the old card as target 0 (partitions C-H), but when I put the HD in and pull out the old card, or even with the old card in, I get nothing on the cards, just the HD and its partitions (it's a 120 meg drive). Any suggestions on what is going on or how to get the US to play with the HD on? Would like to copy the HD partitions to the new card. Thanks
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