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  1. Thanks desiv, I know a couple of games I am looking to get are multi-disk games, including Dune 1 & II but don't know if they have copy protection on them off-hand...
  2. Thanks guys, this is helpful! So, are there games that can run directly from the CF hard drive without an interposed program like WHDLoad? Also, can you run ADF files directly from the PCMCIA card, or is that only for transferring files? At any rate, it does appear that an 8 meg upgrade is needed with the 1200, so that will be a near-future upgrade it seems. And from what I am hearing, most games do not run natively on the A1200 which is why WHDLoad is needed, correct? Is there a list of games that come/play from floppies that can be used on the A1200? I know from recent experience that (Atari ST) floppies are sketchy, while they do work OK when they work, far too many are damaged and/or cause deposits on the head that necessitates taking the floppy drive out a cleaning, failure to do so can result in a build up of old oxide or boogers that then can damage the surface of good disks.
  3. Thanks Daedalus, that is helpful! A question I have is regarding ADF files, are they files that are run just like native Amiga files? Or are they some special format that requires some kind of driver, like the WHDLoad, to be able to run? As much as possible I would like to run the files, and that would be primarily games to start, from the CF hard drive. I'm sure that copy protection on some games would prevent that, over in the Atari ST world, there are a lot of games files that Peter Petari converted to run on the hard drive, removing copy protection in many cases. Is that something that is doable on the Amiga? And yes, I hear that getting a mem expansion will have to be the next step. Thanks!
  4. Just picked up a UK 1200, cleaned it up and am checking out the A500 power brick now. Being new to the system, any suggestions are welcomed! Currently, I have on order a DB 23 to RGB to connect to my multisync monitor, a CF adapter and CF that includes WB 3.1 & 1500 games which I assume that when added to the IDE connector in the case will allow me to boot into as well as having 3 partitions, one including the games in WHDload format (what is this?), and finally and PCMIA adapter. As I noted, I am new to the Amiga, although I had an A500 25 years ago and just don't remember much, in fact the only way I know I had one is I have a couple of games that are marked "Amiga", so any suggestions will be very helpful! Thanks!
  5. Howdy, I just got a 1200 too and am looking at good games to run on it. My fav games have been Frontier, Dungeon Master, Captive, and the Breach series. Are there any AGA games along those lines? Thanks!
  6. the best Amiga board to go to? I just got a 1200 with an A500 brick and can't open the brick to service it or check out what is rattling in it, this is the one with two screws in the bottom of the case which still won't open. Yes, I know that asking Amiga questions on an Atari board may be sacrilege, but really, I had both in the day, the Mega STe best for productivity to run my business and the Amiga 500 was a great games machine for games that were not on the ST. Thanks!
  7. to the input of an RGB flat screen multisync monitorusing the typical RGB connector, thanks
  8. I hope I won't be drummed out of the Atari ST club for this question, but I have noticed that the Amiga 1200 has a funky video out connector, I think a DB 23, and I am guessing I need an adapter to got to a regular RGB connector. I do see these on ebay, anyone have any experience wit these? Thanks!
  9. I thought about doing that as the price of SCSI drives on ebay was just getting more ridiculous by the day, with many that are usable on retro computers seeing prices that are even more than a US! If I had to go with a HD, I would recommend the BE drives, at least you know what you are getting, and BE is good people from my experience. OTOH, having a US is just so much better than I thought it would be, mine came loaded with games and it is so easy to use that I would recommend just waiting and going that way. Also, I believe the Mega STe internal version may be cheaper that the external one. One last thing, running floppies is a bit tricky, I did it and still do it as I have a bunch from ebay I got with ST buys, but many disks will be/are bad and can leave blobs of the coating on your drive heads, which then need to be taken apart and cleaned, no cleaning disks will remove that blob. And if you don't do that, the blob will remove the coating from subsequent disks, rendering them unusable, lost a retail disk Dungeon Master that way! HTH
  10. Is there anything in the Atari Mega ST manual that would not be in a regular manual? I'm thinking the internal expansion bus and/or the internal ACSI? thanks
  11. Thanks guys, I'll give those a try. But, WTF, I would consider this to be the most buggy game I have ever played! Just got on after reading this and right off the bat, the autopilot runs me into the side of the station, after that I could jump into hyperspace, what a piece of crap game! I remember back in the day not playing this near as much as Elite (but then there was nothing even close to Elite-quality to play on the C64), not sure what drove me away, maybe it was this? I do remember NEVER having these kinds of issues with Elite once I got the docking computer, f'up game for sure.
  12. Thanks Dragon, I continue to play this but on occasion it just misses the entrance and I end up being destroyed, lately just lot the atmospheric shielding but I am making some money on the Sol-Barnard's Star run, only problem with that is that you start out with such limited cargo space you can't really make enough money very fast to upgrade to a ship with more cargo space, even with luxury goods and robots the income is small... Have you played Elite Dangerous? I am surprised how much of ED is taken from Frontier, which I am not a big fan of because of it being an online-only game. From what I am seeing, with all the missions offered, Frontier seems to be much more varied to play than the original Elite which suffers from boredom without any new things to do, especially if you take on the second mission, which is a big fuck you mission...
  13. Thanks guys, I'll give that a try. Also, Peter, I'll look into Warhead, I have never played that game before!
  14. Indeed, this game has been driving me crazy with its issues. I do now have it saving properly on the UltraSatan doing it just like you would with a hard drive-installed version of the game, but one thing I have noticed is that it seems to randomly make these noises coming out of hyperspace and I end up losing my fuel tank. Also, the number of times the auto-docking computer has rammed me into the station is ridiculous, I would say once every three docking attempts I get destroyed. Is this normal for the game?
  15. Thanks Peter, I'll check it out when you are done. I got to a point in Elite where I accepted the 2nd mission which make the games unplayable, or more correctly, the Thargoids are coming at you continuously and so it is no longer any fun, just an exercise in continuous fighting until you die. At that point, thought I would would give Elite II a go as it has a lot of missions and does seem as though there is much more to do in the game. Thanks!
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