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  1. haha, don't think Dr. Goochman is rich, but he's doing OK! Peter. thanks for the info, that would certainly be the least expensive way to go by using a ST keyboard and wiring it up. The Eiffel sounds good but I hear there are some issues with it, but may have to give that a closer look as well.
  2. Thanks Larry, I was thinking about getting one of the Best Electronics Mega keyboards, not cheap, but a complete rebuilding and working Mega ST keyboard.
  3. Thanks, so that means I can use a Mega ST keyboard as a direct replacement for the Mega STe keyboard, correct?
  4. And that makes complete sense, using DSDD floppys with DSDD drives is the best way I would say. I have been watching the latest episode of Adrian's digital basement and this very same issue comes up and is discussed.
  5. Excellent answer PP, thanks! BTW, do you know if the Mega Ste came with hd drives or DSDD drives? I believe you have said before that the Mega STe can use HD drives, correct?
  6. Is there a replacement keyboard or fix, or am I stuck with having to find a real Mega STe keyboard to use the Mega STe? Thanks
  7. I still think there is a misunderstanding here, what I wanted to know is if you replace the DSDD drive with a HD drive, can you use HD floppys (with the hole covered) reliably. No change to the drive circuit, just replace the bad DSDD drive with a HD drive that works. Now, obviously the replacement HD drive will NOT write in HD format (1.44) but in DSDD format, unless there is a hardware change that a number of users, including exxos and PP have noted. The replacement drive would be writing (and reading) in DSDD format onto the floppy, but the drive head, which has a finer gap, what would the physical signal written onto the floppy be? Is it the same signal format as HD since it is a HD drive, which is to say, different magnetic spacing and flux density? Or is the HD drive writing in the DSDD format, which is a different magnetic spacing and flux density to match the drive head? I would surmise that the HD drive is going to write in HD format, that is what the head and electronics of the drive are made to do. The signals coming into the floppy drive are bits/bytes, etc., they do not control the drive head current or spacing, the controller on the drive does that I would think. The data from the computer tells the drive to write x bits at x location or side, the floppy controller then send the data to the head and stepper motor to magnetically record the data onto the spinning magnetic disk. Since the head is shaped/designed for a floppy disk that is of a different magnetic properties and writes at a higher flux rate, the question remains, will an HD drive instructed to write at DSDD format write the signal in HD format onto an HD disk, i.e., higher flux density and spacing, and therefore be totally compatible with an HD floppy? Or, is the HD drive actually changing the way the head and stepper motor is writing the data onto the disks surface, i.e., with lower head flux current and wider spacing?
  8. question, are you using HD disks on a DSDD drive? I can see that being a problem, but using HD disks on a HD drive that is running as a DSDD should be different, after all, the heads are different and presumably the signal to the heads would be different as well. Is that true?
  9. There are a number of articles about replacing your old, non-functioning floppy with a replacement. There is also an article on exxos website about fixing your old floppy, the page is here: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/floppyrepair/index.htm good luck, I had t replace mine after all the mentioned fixes as it still didn't work, but found a good one on ebay and that is now working fine.
  10. Maurice, did you ever locate the program you were looking for? I don't know if I have it but just picked up a bunch of ST Informer disks and the ones I have looked thru have a lot of LGF and Codeheads programs on them
  11. Been thinking about that except I don't have a scanner : (
  12. Yea, those newsletters were like a monthly thing you signed up/paid for, wish I had more of them, wonder what happened to them and Omnitrend software?
  13. Hi all. Downloaded some .ST files onto my Gotek from planet emu and tried to run them. Most of these files seem to be cracked files and the first one (Breach II) ran fine, then tried Dungeon Master, that was OK, but then as I tried to run the next files, Captive and Ishar, the machine started showing multiple bombs. After that, went back to the ones I had gotten running and they would not run from a reset, also showing bombs or lines on the screen. In particular, Captive shows the craziest file names and structures, totally unreadable! And Ishar would start, then just hang up. Not sure if it just the files on planet emu or what is going on here, any ideas? Thanks
  14. Thanks again, PP, your knowledge is excellent!
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