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  1. Woohoo, the file you sent Peter worked great, I am now partitioned and booting thanks to your software, easy-peasy! One thing I did note, when I loaded the Falcon Language disk files onto the C drive, I was getting two bombs every time. After picking and choosing the files, it appears that the CPX module locator is causing the bombs. When booting from the Falcon Language disk on floppy, the CPX modules are not loaded, something to do with setting the location of the folder that has the CPX modules in it. If I setup the folder location on the C partition, I get 2 bombs. Not sure what is going on, but will look into this once I get the motherboard recapped and the new exoss NVRAM clock module and memory installed and give it a go. Thanks Peter!
  2. Thanks Peter, I finally tried your partitioner and was able to partition the CF disk , the lights on the CF adapter were blinking away as the new partitions were made. However, the boot writing program could not find the CF, kept saying "couldn't find the HD". My settings were "Master" Tw. IDE, and 511 meg for each partition (couldn't get bigger partitions as the software wouldn't work then). The version I have is the one that came with the US, which US which I assume that the US person licensed from you, correct? In the .doc file it did talk about using it with the Falcon. Thanks.
  3. Hi Peter, are you saying I can use your software to partition and get this CF card in the Falcon to work? I did try it briefly but the software would not recognize the CF card, may have to try again. I appreciate all of the suggestions, I really do. I had just bought HDDriver and was following a youtube video to make the CF card work, which seems very straightforward. I was able to get the first card to partition but never work as a boot drive even when I was able to follow along most of the directions, but it seems, as always, something is left out which should be obvious but not for first time users! Now, I can't even get HDDriver to partition ANY cards, even the old one as I was trying to see if I had done something wrong with some of the mentioned stuff here. Maybe HDDriver is now boned on all my floppy copies, may have to try a new copy which just seems so damn stupid and silly. I am hoping when Uwe's manual arrives maybe I can get it to work, but right now, this is without a doubt the biggest pile of shit I have ever dealt with, even my travails with getting the TT working seems trivial by comparison. It just refuses to work, period. Got partitions on the one disk but no boot, no way. While waiting I will reach out to Uwe and see what he says, I so wish this had ACSI as that, with Peter's software and the US, was pretty straightforward with just one hiccup that I was able to work out. But this? What a steaming pile! I would NEVER recommend this to a beginner, and thus the Falcon. Honestly, the Mega STe is so simple compared to the TT and Falcon, almost no HDD problems or software incompatibilities, makes me wish I had stopped there and never bought a TT or Falcon.
  4. Thanks T'Pau, if I accidentally did the incorrect format, is there a way to go back and re-partition the card again?
  5. I thought I was doing that, but when I run the install HDDriver to the c (and I also wanted to be able to boot from d & e, is that possible to select which drive you boot from?) all that I get on the c drive is hddriver.sys file, the program seems to be saving everything back onto the A drive, which is where my HDDriver application is. I did make an auto folder on the c drive and install HDDriver.prg there, but that causes 2 bombs when I try to force the load from c by removing the falcon language disk which also has the HDDriver folder.
  6. OK, if setting up my TT was an exercise in assfuckery, this Falcon CF card takes it to another level, 'bout ready to bring out the hammer! The CF refuses to be the boot drive, and everything just wants to run off the floppy (auto folder, xcontrol, etc.) The partitions are there and proper, but the Falcon refuses to boot from C, always going to A which has the falcon language disk and HDDriver program, if I try a different floppy I get 2 bombs, WTH is going on here?
  7. OK, am having mucho trouble booting from the CF, I choose to have C, D, and E as bootable partitions, is that the problem? It seems as though there needs to be HDDriver.prg present to allow the CF partitions to boot, but can I have multiple partitions as boot partition ala PP's SD card program on the ST and TT and select among them?
  8. Thanks Chri! OK went back and unzipped a different copy, those damn sys files that windows leave on the floppy probably buggered it. Clean copy unzipped and worked fine, although I can't seem to get the CF card to boot, will go back and do that again and install the boot file.
  9. I keep getting a TOS #35 error when trying to use the latest version, trying to set up a CF for the Falcon as well as get a Zip drive mounted. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. I was given a Samsung 2253BW multisync LCD and it works great on my Falcon and TT in all resolutions, much better than the NEC 1970VX where there is banding, and in ST medium has those missing letter parts that screw up the display. These go for pretty cheap on ebay and are a better solution to get all three ST and all 5 TT displays looking great!
  11. Hi Guillaume, well this is bad! Every time I run HDDriver I get a TOS 35 error, even when just booting from the floppy! What is going on?
  12. Hi Guillaume, this is excellent, I am most appreciative of your help! Will give this a try after work tonight!
  13. Hi molinaie, what I would like to do is to have the zip drive attached to the Falcon via the SCSI port. When I attach the zip drive, do I need to run HDdrive then and then what? If you could provide a step-by-step procedure to do this, that would be great! I want to make sure that running any HDdriver software will not erase or damage the software on the internal IDE drive, which I am looking to copy/back up onto the Zip drive. Thanks!
  14. Hi Chri, did you just connect this device directly to the Falcon or TT without having to mount the drive or do anything at all, like running HDdriver? The Falcon manual seems to indicate that all I need is to connect to the SCSI and set the drive to "1", there is no mention of installing software to the external SCSI device. Thanks.
  15. So in effect I need to run HDdrive to "mount" the Zip drive, correct? Will that have any effect on the IDE drive in the Falcon? I ask because the main reason for this is to copy the HD contents to the zip drive, pull the drive and install a CF card, and then copy back the contents from the Zip onto the CF card as well as prepare a new main boot partition. Really can't use a lot of the material on the HD but don't want to dump it either, may find those programs useful in the future as I become familiar with the Falcon. Thanks!
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