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  1. Oops... I just saw this was from the HSC contests. Oh well... here's mine uf you guys ever do that game Possible Mission: Funkmaster V 17,258
  2. Just trying to spread the love, babies. Can't wait to try your titles! They look great
  3. But what if I told you there would be cake?
  4. It's Funkmaster V's best day ever as several offbeat games and accessories arrive at the Mothership on the very same day. Watch as he unboxes at it all, looks at the packaging, and then plays the games so we can see what's up with them. There's top flight homebrews from AtariAge.com, bizarre games from a mad genius, illegal hacks and off market rip-offs. Have fun watching Funkmaster V play with his booty (Yes... I know what I said) #atariage #Atari7800 #retrogaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWmGkEriMkM&feature=youtu.be
  5. I just received the last three Atari Age homebrews that I didn't already own today in the mail. I played all three and it never dawned on me that Frogger is "kind of" a maze game. So all three of these were in the same ballpark genre and Im surprised at which one I liked the most. Most of you know that I hit it off with Bob in the interview that I had with him last month on my Youtube channel, and I heard nothing but rave reviews about Froggie, but I gotta tell you the most fun I had with the three was SERPENTINE. I think of the three games, I enjoy the controls the best and can agree that the collision detection was spot on. Im pleasantry surprised! Way to go, Mike Saarda! I will have a review up on my new site Ive been working on of all three games... but lets face it... My 4th to last game I received was Baby Pac Man... and dude... that's a helluva game.... maybe be one of my favorites. If you havent bought any of these four maze games... dude... wth are you waiting for?
  6. The real question is are YOU necessary? 😠 😠 😠
  7. There's a handful of games I bought years ago from AA and cheaped out and only bought the loose game options, but now, looking back, Im like dayummmmmmmm.... shoulda got the boxes (especially Rip Off, pac Man Collection, Faildafe) Does anyone sell these?
  8. RASSLE TYME! In an effort to make these Animal Crossing islands exude some Funky flavor, I'm offering up some ideas for people who's imagination be broke. Hey... it happens. Since I am a pro wrestler, I definiety will have a place on the island where the animal-kids can fight for cash and prizes. Check out what I designed. There's a game at the end!! Class paricipation, ya'll. #acnh #wrestlingwithghosts #wrestlingring #animalcrossing
  9. Bob doesnt have Skype or Zoom so I had to record it over a phone. I spent about two hours in the studio getting it to sound that good. If you think that was bad you should have heard it before. I almost considered re-recording my lines in the studio.... but then I was like "NAHHHHHH"
  10. The next guy I'm working on to interview is the Video Game Critic. I bet he has alot to say
  11. Well, I did end the interview... but I thought what you said was pretty interesting, and it let people hear "behind the scenes" I think that's always interesting too
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