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  1. I think the graphics are definitely great for a 2600 release. It was a interesting take on the vector/wire graphics of the arcade game, but it pulls it off. The difference in graphical style doesn't change the fact that it is still fun to play. Also, thanks to whoever made the sounds for the game and didn't make the tank moving sound completely loud/annoying!
  2. Ikari Warriors would benefit from a good sound enhancement since it didn't make the Pokey cut. An enhanced 7800 version could easily put it closer to the arcade in sound and music, be that good or bad depending on opinion. Don't think the arcade would have been too hard to pull off. I'll also mention Ninja Golf to the list. Enhanced sound / music would make this great game, more greater!
  3. 7800 Crystal Castles you say..... trackball support added in would it that much better. I think it would be a good arcade port for sure.
  4. Interesting idea, especially for the text # label launch titles.
  5. Thanks for another suggestion orrko8791!
  6. I'll send you a pm Osgeld. I'm looking to switch out my 4 switch 2600 panel sticker with a custom one and I thought a vinyl method would work.
  7. just a little bump, still looking
  8. Hello! Anyone have a pair of these switches on hand or can be pulled from a non-working 2600? I'd like them if you do! Thanks!
  9. willis

    UAV for the 7800

    Thanks for all the help everyone! Sounds like 24 solid core is the way to go so I will give that a shot.
  10. willis

    UAV for the 7800

    This may be just a complete simple question, also for my total lack on the subject, but what gauge of wire and what type of solder do most people use for mods? I don't want to do a shoddy job, so any good recommendations?
  11. willis

    UAV for the 7800

    Is there a preferred spot to purchase the UAV?
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