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  1. Looking to sell this game $110 shipped in the U.S.
  2. Still looking, if anyone has one to sell. Thank you
  3. bump Still looking to see if anyone has this. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I would really like to try and get one of these cases if anyone has one to offer. Ebay has some, but they seem expensive or I could be completely off on thinking of price. Just the case only as I don't need a boxed one. https://vgcollect.com/item/134829 Thanks!
  5. The video shows you playing Kaboom, just a heads up as that game is known for being slightly jittery
  6. I tried a combat game cart, but the chip on the board of Princess Rescue is too big. The part of the cart where the 'spring' is gets in the way, you know the little mechanism that pushes the cover back down. So I wonder if a 7800 cart would work better since they don't have the cover.
  7. Is there a replacement cart I can get to put my Princess Rescue in? I know the board with chip on it is larger than say a regular Atari game, is there any game I can use as a replacement cart or somewhere to buy one specific for this game?
  8. bump, stuff is still available
  9. I am looking for this particular joystick if any has it! Thanks!
  10. Updated with some games added in. Bump it
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