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  1. bump, stuff is still available
  2. I am looking for this particular joystick if any has it! Thanks!
  3. Updated with some games added in. Bump it
  4. Sorry, didn't take out the pic. The 3DO console has been sold. Some of the games / accessories are available though.
  5. @TheCoolDave I do have a disk that came with one of the boards but don't remember if it was that one or the 4 player one that I went with. I can check to see what's on it and message you back as I have to remember where I put it haha!
  6. Hello, I am looking to complete my US dreamcast game list. The ones I'm looking for are located here: https://m.gametz.com/user/willis/WantedGames.html Please let me know if you have any of those games and would be willing to sell. I do have items on that site to trade as well if there is anything of interest. Thanks
  7. I might be interested in tapper, but also depending on what other 2600 games you have.
  8. bump... Anyone interested in 3DO stuff?? I have a boxed system (model fz-1 original) with around 44 games all complete long boxes. Pics will be added very soon, just thought I'd add that in when I re-bumped this thread. List of games can be found here: https://gametz.com/user/willis/AvailableGames.html
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