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  1. I can get the 2020 roms I'm the 2021 club? I'm confused on how it works.
  2. Thanks but none of the games I mentioned are in that package .
  3. Most of my family lives in Buenos Aires. Sorry, all my games are loose.
  4. Are there any games that are exclusive? My entire family lives in Argentina. I should get them to send some to me!
  5. Again, how so? Since coleco/adam bombed, the video game crash was because of them? Like I said, atari kept cranking out games for a system that as considered obsolete and coleco could have had kept going with it's colecovision. Obviously they couldn't hack it on the computer section but had they kept going for one more year, they could she run into NES. Do you think they would have backed away once nes hit? Like I said I call BS on the video game crash. Remember colecovision had it's success with arcade ports and arcade games weren't going anywhere for another 15 years. They were getting better. No arcade crash.
  6. Yes, everyone was getting into computers but I bet you can't tell me why atari kept selling it's 2600 years after the computer crash and into the NES/Sega wars. Sure there was no competition but explain why coleco couldn't keep it going like the 2600 did for many years?
  7. Yes. My friend who was huge into. Comps at the time told me they copied tons of games. Wish it was that easy with the coleco!
  8. But a game system was so much cheaper than a computer. My mom almost bought me an Adam. I couldn't believe it because it was so expensive but they were sold out by the time she wanted to get me one. But I was always in toys r us looking for the newest game for coleco. I hated the computer games on coleco because they were just boring to me.
  9. I don't believe that. Yes computers started getting popular but home video games were still huge. Coleco games ceased to exist in 85 because of a no demand then why did nintendo blow up when it hit america the next year? I call bullshit on the death of the video game craze. I am defiant on this. Prove me wrong!
  10. While I was getting hooked on the homebrews, I was thinking of what other games that could be made. I was generally thinking of arcade games that were released during the colecos reign. But then I started thinking outside the box..... I think it would be great to make another one on the empire strikes back. This time it could be the millennium falcon in the asteroid field. It could possible use asteroids as a template. Throw in some time fighters, bombers....hell even slave 1 and a star destroyer. As an added scene, I could land on an asteroid and fight the asteroid worm! As we're into movies, why didn't flash gordon get any love? Also....why not Knight rider or better yet....the A-team!
  11. Thanks.....I bought the atarimax and they gave me access to some games. I'll pay for them. I'm looking for the new Smurf game and the hoth games as well.
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