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  1. Hi all! I am looking for a latest-and-greatest list of which Atari 2600 manuals exist in which formats (e.g. does Codebreaker just have a small black/color manual, or is there also a large white/color version?). I have been using @Kirkland's spreadsheet embedded at the beginning of this thread, but I am wondering if there is an updated version, if @Ballblaɀer's Google spreadsheet is more complete, or if there is another better source. I appreciate the help!
  2. I bought my copy of Halo 2600 from AtariAge in 2010 before manuals were available. Is it still possible to buy just the manual? I collect manuals for each of my 2600 games, and I'd really love to have the Halo manual to complete that.
  3. Who is the right person to ask this question? Thanks! Bob
  4. Hello all, first time poster. A huge thank you to the folks who have created this site. I've been getting deep into collecting for the 2600, and I'd like to have a comprehensive spreadsheet of the titles I own as well as the subset I intend to collect. I'd love to start with the rarity guide as a basis, as I am using it constantly for reference. Is there any way to get the data out of the guide to be able to to create a spreadsheet? I'm willing to do some work for it, including scripting. I don't need the whole database, just a subset of text fields that I am interested in.
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