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  1. Here's a real Sears Defender cartridge. This is the clearest I could get it. The cartridge was made in May of 1982. I can't speak for the other games, though in close to 30 years of collecting I've seen enough that it would not surprise me if Space Invaders had red text at some point from either Sears OR Atari. I've discussed here on the forums how to verify authenticity of Atari and Sears games. The same photo is posted on Facebook. The proof is faint here but you can definitely see it if you blow up the image. John M.
  2. shadow460


  3. Cool! I saw a post on Facebook about this. I'm not much into multicarts but this will be a VERY useful item. Sign me up for the general release.
  4. I never really noticed a crash at all. I was 7 or 8 back then and we had some other issues going on. My Dad did notice the prices were dropping, though, and he picked up a TON of 2600 games for $1 each. These were titles I would later inherit, lose, and then find out the hard way they were rare and expensive. He would hand out games to us as rewards and was very diligent about making sure we hung on to the instructions for each one. I played the crap out of each of them no matter how bad they were. A few years later my friends started coming up with Nintendo and Sega systems. To them, Atari was nothing. I never knew Atari had resurrected the 2600 until about ten years ago. I did know the 7800 was made. Many years and two major expos later I have acquired as many of the games Daddy bought us as I can remember (around 250), but some of the manuals still elude me. If only my Dad knew what he had started... and one year I am going to convince him to attend Super Bitcon just to see the dramatic effect that Christmas gift in 1981 had.
  5. Got prices in mind for the Arcadia stuff? I'm missing Breakaway myself, but shipping might be a killer for just the one game.
  6. So bring it to someone who does, just like we did with that Frankenstein's Monster cart a while back. It had an orange label on it that said "NEW RELEASE" and netiehr I or the person who owned it had any clue what it was... so we brought it to my place and tested it.
  7. My vote goes to Reactor. Though it's nowhere near a failure on the 2600, it lacks a lot compared to the arcade but at least they kept all the addictive stuff.
  8. Subterranea, Yars' Revenge, and Adventure. I've been trying to break the 46,000 score on Subterranea but it's not working out real well, so I backed away from it. I've also been trying to work out better strategy for Adventure in killing dragons on game 3A. If you can get the scepter into a castle and grab the bat, you're in good shape to kill Rhindle. Grab the bat, get him to grab up Rhindle, and drag Rhindle's sorry butt down to where the scepter is. From there, it's a matter of catching Yorkle off guard and baiting Grundle with the magnet, bridge, or black key. You can kill the slower dragons without the bat's help. I popped in Yars' Revenge for the sole purpose of rolling it in this weeks high score competition.
  9. Wow, I'm on the list a lot more than I expected! The hardest records for me to set was No Escape. I also wish I'd been in on Escape From the MindMaster. Somewhere there's a photo floating around on here where I'd rocked it in the 640 point range.
  10. And for some strategy... First, killing the swirl repeatedly does NOT bring up the HSWWSH score thingy. The way to do that is to camp out on the black line during the explosions. Watch out, as this line doesn't necessarily appear where the swirl is destroyed. OK, now for attack strategy. The first thing you want to do is rush the shield, firing as fast as you can and pressing into it. By the time the first swirl appears, you should have enough TRONS to activate the Zorlon Cannon. When you see the Quotile start turning brown, fly to the far left, get the cannon, then fly just to the right of the Neutral Zone and to the very top or bottom of the screen. When the seeker presses you out of position, simply scroll off the top or bottom to avoid it. It has to take the long way to follow you. When the swirl fires, launch the Zorlon cannon and scroll to the other side. If you timed it right, the two will impact and the stage will end. Rinse and repeat for the next stage. If you miss, rush the shield again like you did earlier. Try to break a hole into it so you can buzz over the Quotile repeatedly, racking up TRONS. Move when the Quotile turns brown and repeat the above strategy. When the shield turns blue you will continue to use this same strategy but you will only rush the shield for a brief second each time. You will also notice that the neutral zone vanishes; if you're playing according to my strategy this will have zero effect on your game. The Neutral Zone is actually an obstacle, not an asset. Once the shield turns gray, things get interesting. The swirl can change direction twice, meaning it can have three different courses. It will NEVER move to the right at all--EVER. Once you get on its right side, you are safe and may rush the shield again. To hit this swirl, move to the LEFT side of the Neutral Zone near the top or bottom of the screen with the Zorlon Cannon available. Allow the swirl to launch but do NOT fire on it. Scroll to the other side of the screen. The swirl will stop at your previous position then it will move vertically towards you new position. When it gets about halfway across the screen, fire the cannon and move to the RIGHT, then up or down, then back into the same horizontal plane as the cannon (once the shot passes). If you miss, wait for the cannon to return and catch it, then rush the shield. If you don't have the cannon, use this exact same flight path to avoid the Swirl, but rush the shield as soon as it begins its vertical motion. When the shield turns pink, the strategy is the same except your shield rushes are much shorter. If you lose a life, concentrate mainly on avoiding the Swirl a few times until you can clear enough shield to run over the Quotile several times. You may need to avoid several Swirls during this time. Oh, one other thing, be very careful about shooting the Seeker down. If you accidentally do this, its replacement will meet you at the edge of the shield just as you're flying in for dinner. It's OK to shoot the Seeker down sometimes, but be prepared to evade it if you do. That's about it. When you get it down pat, your stages will last roughly half a second each. The shield will turn gray again after you roll the score, then back to pink a little bit later.
  11. Oh I just love to see a game I'm good at so I can swoop in and mess things up a little. I plugged in my red label cart, set it to 6A, and rolled it on the very first try. I'm crazy good at this game and really don't feel like playing it any further will prove much. Each stage was lasting an average of 3 seconds, with most of them being over near instantly. There wasn't a single stage I _didn't_ end by nailing the swirl in mid air. The current score is actually 1,161,538 and I have a full compliment of 9 lives, but we'll just stick with rolling the score:
  12. On my way to rollage now... I am at 565,000 and counting. Will post pics in a while--it takes a few minutes to roll it but this game is turning out to be an absolute slaughterhouse.
  13. I did log in periodically and still nearly missed it. Were it not for one of the OKRGS members calling me, I might have missed these entirely. Once Jesse called me, I got online and paid right then. *shrug* Props to networking, yes?
  14. Ballblazer: Amazing sound, solid game. It mightbe a little confusing at first, though. Desert Falcon: Meh.
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