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  1. Ok https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting On another note Space X Launch today lookin cool!
  2. I don't think you are anything, I don't even know who you are. Language is ever evolving I googled the definition... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting
  3. Language does evolve over time, specially with the internet, it is more rapid and terms change their meaning in months or even days. Atleast what the internet in general uses them for, you can argue that is not the definition in the dictionary but it is sorta pointless, this is why the urban dictionary website even exists. It is hard to keep up with and I'm not ashamed to say I have had to reference the urban dictionary more then once Definition from Google: Gaslighting is a form of manipulation in which a person or a group, covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group.
  4. I dont think anyone would disagree but I know in recent months she has gotten a bad rap for being terrible to her employees Of course i am aware business is business I wouldn't negate youtube influence as im pretty sure one pewdiepie vid gets more or around the same viewership as her show and the audience is gamers
  5. Most people prefer a 3rd Party review and for the millenial generation thats coming via youtube, ppl don't really trust IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, etc as they have all been proven to be payed off. The cheaper the product the less research ppl will do before diving in but generally anything over 50 bucks i'd watch a youtube video to see what its like before just buying. For your Neo Geo have you considered that big card that accepts an SD card.
  6. Yes we all have blinds spots, i 100% agree, however there are no exceptions including both yourself and others present here, would you agree to that? I get it, that said, saying the most extreme thing on a podcast where we all need to acknowledge only hardcore gamers listen to gaming podcasts will no doubt elicit an angry reaction, is that the intention? cause a stir? I get some content isnt for everyone, but those who dont enjoy it (for example the last of us which features violence and a young girl throw into a horrible scenario) people will no doubt hear these extreme opinions and take issue. Would you agree? I personally had the feeling when i heard about the censorship for amico that what the heck, however after i spoke with Tommy i understood what he meant, that said, the way its conveyed in the podcast comes across more as gaslighting the viewers for enjoying violence or 18+ content. You dont have to take my word for it, watch the live chat and people getting upset. On an unrelated note, I always took more issue with the violence then when people have a visceral reaction to adult content in games, if its rated accordingly and only dispersed as such, it seems more acceptable then blowing people away in shooting games considering Adult only content(again 18+) are in our genes. The critics in my opinion have this reaction because of the comments gaslighting hardcore gamers who are the only people listening to a gaming podcast, This is likely the blindspot you mentioned, no one is immune There is nothing wrong with the vision, but if you rib the hardcore gamers, expect a visceral reaction, you gotta remember they've had people since the 90s like Jack Thompson going after them trying to take away gaming freedoms. People are very protective. While the vision is fine it may be wise to not engage in these type arguments on a gaming podcast, other places im sure it would go over better
  7. Missing the point as usual, you used a half sentence to try and condemn me make it sound like i support this stuff
  8. I can't believe you went as low as to say I'm defending "rape stuff" and using a fake quote. Anyone who has played Last of Us for PS4 (A MAJOR TITLE) that includes an attempted rape scene will understand what I was conveying when i said "Its used as a story mechanic to show them rising out of such a horrible situation" AND "You are a character who is a victim who is rising above those horrible, horrible things and of course rape is used to represent someone who is absolutely vile and disgusting". Also you put words in some quotation marks but i went back and listened to those videos, i never said that, WOW, you are a multi-millionaire going after a dude who can barely pay his mortgage and saying I defend rape stuff and other horrible virtial. Please do us both a favor and stop talking about me and specially putting things in quotations that i never said, what the heck. The fellows here I hope can see how horrible this type of lieing can be. My mother suffered an attempted rape as a young woman, she rose through that and became a strong independent woman. Because of this I have a strong mother who has raised me and my brother while I had an absent father. you should be ashamed of trying to use broken sentences and half truths to try and put me in a bad light. My video was about a video game console and I included your exact quote. If your response is "welcome to the club" that says all anyone should ever need to know about you. Let your games sell the console, Jesus Christ
  9. I didn't see him listed as a Game Designer anywhere such as his linkedin or wiki, I know he was involved in bringing third party designers onboard for xbox That said hope he designs you great games for the platform This is where I'll end things, as this will endlessly go on trying to get the last word in cheers,
  10. That video is from yesterday as you can see I'm literally in the same scene in the same clothes which was filmed and uploaded yesterday. I decided I wasn't going to post it but then Tommy continues to want to argue endlessly, so I figured ok whatever it doesnt matter how much I try to explain myself to the community only quotes will show what i mean, might as well post it. I literally state this. This whole non-sense about someone saying something positive cancelling out spewing lies like nintendo has illegal child activites on the console is insane. I'm done you guys can listen to his quote for yourself or pretend he never said it, I dont care, Have a good one.
  11. Tommy.... of course you wouldn't think that, your the owner of the company.... Do I have to explain that, why would you ever in a million years say otherwise. The clip of the VP of Marketing i clearly stated immediately after showing why it appeared. You do understand one doesn't cancel out the other, thats not how things work... Hey wait a second, I thought you said you wernt gonna watch my videos cmonnnnnnnnn
  12. Please read the follow up to this discussion you are inserting yourself into EDIT: To clarify I don't care if you like me or not This is polite debate?
  13. Yes I feel the video where I expressed I was expecting a major Game Designer announcement but it ended up being J Allard was the beginning of bad times for our channel. I didn't think it was going to explode that badly as we expressed some disappointment but also optimism of seeing what he can do. From there its been a battle of "misrepresentation" going both ways. I don't want to battle an entire community. I understand how you guys feel its pretty clear, my last video was just trying to clarify why I thought things were the way they were. That said we will try to do better in the future and hopefully I can get my hands on a unit and give it a review, I wont allow any of the arguing to skew my opinion on whether it is good or not Ultimately the games and unit will determine is it amazing or not.
  14. You are correct I apologize, I am just frustrated with how things have panned out however gotta just let it be water under the bridge now and move on. Hope you have a blast on the amico
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