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  1. As an Intellivision collector, I was excited to see Tommy coming out with the Intellivision Amico. Intellivision had some of the most complex games for its time. I see previews of games geared toward preschoolers. Where are the retro reimagined games - the Imagic games like Atlantis, Microsurgeon, Demon Attack, Beauty and the Beast, etc. and the serious Intellivision games such as B-17, Utopia, SeaBattle, Space Armada, etc.? Yes, you have shown Nightstalker and Astrosmash and talked about B-17. Shouldn’t they come out at least at the same time as Sesame Street, Care Bears and CornHole? If this is truly a family system, what are you offering for the preteen and teens to play with Grandpa and Grandma, or Dad and Mom? So, did I have it wrong? Is this just going to be a system for the little ones, because, while laudable, my family is past that. My three sons grew up with Intellivision, and they’re asking the same thing as their children are preteens and teens.
  2. I understand the Amico console being delayed again due to Covid, but what about the 2 new games per month that were promised? It would be nice if every month 2 more games would be shown. Surely the game designers have all they need in their development kits to accomplish this.
  3. Now that Amico has established a working relationship with Topps, would you consider a Mars Attacks strategy game? Mars Attacks had shrink rays, freeze rays, giant robots, giant insects and world domination....what more could you ask for in a strategy video game?
  4. Hey Tommy, how about adding one of the new LED ball caps to the Amico store with the running man logo running rather than static?
  5. @Tommy Tallarico I noticed in the early levels of Night Stalker that there is a Lost in Space style robot. Just wondering if in later levels there might be a guest appearance by a Robbie the Robot look alike?
  6. It has probably been asked and answered already, but bear with me. Will we be able to preorder extra controllers prior to release of the console? What color will the extra controllers be? And have you given any thought to an additional 4 controller charging stand? Thanks for answering my questions, Tommy. At my age the only ones who show interest in obtaining my business are funeral homes😬
  7. Since the Intellivision was known for being innovative, I’m so happy to see that the Amico is carrying on the tradition with the interactive lighting display on the console and the controller. Other than a holographic display or smell-o-vision (which may have been tried at some point) can anyone think of any new innovations to push the gaming experience further into the future? Is Amico still planning to use raised stick on buttons and D-pad that can be placed anywhere on the touch screen? I haven’t seen it talked about much. And, if so, will it be included with the console?
  8. I can chime in on this topic. The sad state of affairs is that all electronics have a shelf life because of the one common component - the solder. Eventually the solder will break down based on humidity and heating/cooling cycles. The Intellivision, at 40 years, is pushing it. Why not get newer game play and enhanced graphics on these older titles? Before the original cartridges start failing, one might want to refresh their library with the Amico games. Even DVD and BluRay will eventually break dow, so PlayStation and X Box are not immune.
  9. Oh, another collectible idea... what about pewter Amico collectible coins? On the Amico side you could have Tommy’s image and on the opposite side you could have Keith Robinson for Intellivision. Other coins could have one face with Amico designers with their games and the opposite face could be Intellivision designers with their games. To reflect marketing you could have George Plimpton representing Intellivision. Since the internet is the new way to advertise, the other side could be one of the many website content providers. Maybe have a contest to see whose image would be for Amico.
  10. Just another thought... maybe the Blue Sky Rangers would consider coming out with a nice coffee table book chronicling the history of the Intellivision that would include all Intellivision and third party games and artwork, hardware, software, things that were worked on but never released and info about the designers. Working title for this book could be, “In Hal We Trust”.
  11. I’m hoping that Amico will also include the old Imagic Intellivision games along with the reimagined Imagic games. It would be cool if they could find a way to incorporate Imagic’s original box art in some way. Maybe they could even carry the theme of old game/new game and old/new box art with other third party titles (INTV, Activision, Parker Brothers, Coleco, Sega, etc.)
  12. Will there be any homebrew games that will be reimagined for Amico? Will Amico help and encourage the homebrew market for their system?
  13. I know that Tommy has been trying to acquire the rights to Activision’s Pitfall. Instead of Pitfall, what about George of the Jungle? You have not only George, but Shepp (his trusty elephant who thinks he’s a dog), Ape (who speaks like an Oxford professor), Fella and Ursula (Wives?), Tooky Tooky bird and an evil hunter digging pits to try to capture George. Boa constrictors hang from trees like vines. With this cast of characters you could easily rival Pitfall Harry. And if the game is successful, you could do a companion game with Dudley DoRight (wouldn’t that make OEB Pete happy?). You know, with a handlebar mustache and top hat and cape evil Pete might make a good Snidley Whiplash stand in (hmm).
  14. Tommy, at one point you mentioned releasing 1 game every 2 weeks (so approximately 26/year). Of those, how many can we look forward to being reimagined games? Having loved the old Intellivision games, I’m hoping to see some of those reimagined titles for 2021, even if the games aren’t quite fully developed yet. I’m not necessarily talking launch tittles, but going beyond that.
  15. Just a bit off topic...Tommy seems to have the pre-school edutainment covered pretty well. How about educational games for HS students? For example, graphic novels (Moby Dick, 1984, Hunt for Red October) that would be 80% text and 20% graphics and mini game play. Might be showing my age. Back on the topic of flashing lights - maybe they could be used to create a hypnotic state to get them to read more 🤓
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