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  1. More generic than the one in this auction? Does it just read "Jaguar Game" or something?
  2. I used telnet on a Mac, so I think you're good wherever. Interestingly, I had to hunt around for a telnet client. I guess telnet is considered so insecure and useless beyond scripted exploits these days, it's been outright removed from the package lists of most modern operating systems. Fortunately, the ubiquitous "screen" program works as a telnet client in a pinch.
  3. I get a solid picture running 50hz composite into my NTSC LG OLED TV. I don't know exactly which model it is, but it's the last year they made them with 3D support.
  4. Oh man. That was definitely throwback to the days I'd scour around for local BBSs and then poor over their files at 19200baud, hoping I could manage to pull a few down before someone had to make a phone call. Good stuff. Most of the Atari vendors' websites appear to be defunct though 😞
  5. Purchased. Congratulations on the release!
  6. So... They're developing supposedly breakthrough 3D software but their "team" only has one person who's actually touched code on it?
  7. Glad that everyone is enjoying their boards! At this point, I've worked through the order backlog to the point that I'm shipping boards to those on the list in this thread. I have shipped 27 boards, and have 27 open orders to go. I have some good news and bad news on future orders. Bad news first: I'm going to close this ordering thread now. @leech, you're the last order I'm taking directly. The fulfillment process is a bit of a pain, especially handling the VAT/sales tax issues. I likely won't be able to ship to the EU after July when their new import VAT handling system supposedly goes into effect. If you have an existing, outstanding order, see this, and live in the EU, please hit me up in a private message and I'll try to prioritize you so I can avoid the need to cancel any orders. Dealing with the UK process was painful enough that I don't want to sign up to collect VAT/sales tax in a 3rd jurisdiction. But there's still the good news: Once I finish fulfilling the outstanding direct orders, the collector's edition package will be available from @Songbird at https://songbird-productions.com. I'll leave it to Carl to share any additional details on that arrangement when he's ready. I'm hoping this will give me more time to focus on building boards and more importantly, my other projects going forward. Thanks again to everyone's help, support, and interest. You all helped bring the Skunkboard back to life!
  8. In theory, yes, though it's less straight-forward than it ought to be. If you're used to dropping a video in VLC, hitting export, picking a preset, and going for a coffee, get ready to have your expectations reset pretty hard. Also, unless you find some way to make greater-than-CD-length CD images that the GD is happy with, you're looking at 2-3 discs for each 90's movie. As an example, I spent about a full month's worth of free time (Usually 6-10 hours a week) getting ramped up on the cinepak stuff and encoding+encrypting one good ~35 minute disk of cartoons for my kids. Granted, I sunk some extra time into trying to get it to work without Apple's no-longer-for-sale quicktime encoder, and writing a script to work around a since-fixed bug in the conversion tool. I should really post some consolidated notes from all this somewhere, but @Saturn's old posts on the subject are pretty close to the process I ended up at anyway, though they're a bit spread out in the thread:
  9. There are ample cinepak tools available if you look around, and you can probably play cinepak disk images on the GD now. Knock yourself out.
  10. That was a good read. Apologies if what I said was inaccurate. I haven't even tried to mess with that part of the code. I was basing my comments off of what I assumed was your older write-up of a fast Jaguar boot process in FULL_RELEASE/z_misc/Notes_width_boot.txt, but looks like it may have actually originally come from someone else and it's not really clear that it's even what the Skunk ultimately ended up doing, re-reading it now. Heavily abridged, this is what led me to refer to it as an exploit: All the text files in this archive were great reads. I had to read through everything several times before I felt comfortable enough with my understanding to expend actual effort and money trying to build one of these (Thanks for the time, COVID). In particular though, theory of operation.txt has a bunch of notes on cool, unfinished ideas. One that stands out: Who'd be crazy enough to try that, and what's the point? I thought this thing's primary purpose was development, @Tursi
  11. I recently got a Jaglink from Best Electronics (Only place I can find that has them besides eBay every now and then for ridiculous prices), but I haven't been able to try it yet because I haven't gotten around to arranging two jaguars and displays in the vicinity of each other. Don't have two copies of anything that supports it, but I've got a few Skunkboards and an EPROM burner. As usual, only thing I'm missing is a 2nd person within 100 miles of me that wants to play Jaguar games. Spoiled retro-kid problems 😞
  12. I had a friend in college who said he could put Counterstrike in slow motion by drinking enough.
  13. Anyone making Jag modems, or have the schematics?
  14. Cool! Are the gold fingers ENIG or electrolytic plating? What is the thickness of the plating if the latter? What ROM chips would be used to populate these to 6MB? Do they read as 32bit or 16bit ROMs on the Jag bus?
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