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  1. I keep waiting for @ataritiger to show up here and offer to form a dynamic duo of sorts.
  2. Hehe. Looking that way, yeah. For reasons, I could use more excuses to learn more about Rust. I was thinking getting a "Hello World" program running on Jaguar would be good motivation for me, but wanted to see if anyone had already done the legwork. That's about 100x more effort than what I had in mind, but yeah, that'd be pretty cool. Probably easier than reviving the gcc backend.
  3. Just saw Rust support for 68k has landed in LLVM: https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/88321 Anyone messed around with using this for Jaguar yet? Anyone tried building Jaguar stuff with LLVM/clang for that matter?
  4. I forgot to mention, I also have 3 Jaguar Minis NIB.
  5. I have 4 Jaguars and 3 CD units I actually use. One BJL modded bench system I use for testing accessories I'm tinkering with, flashing SkunkBoards, etc., one on a CRT in my office/guest room (Same room as the bench/test system) that I use for most of my actual gaming, one in the family room I play with the kids or when someone's staying in the guest room, and one I cart around with me in a box wherever I go to use and evangelize with like a traveling salesman. I've managed to convince myself this is a reasonable number of Jaguar consoles for a grown man to own somehow. However, then I have 4 more (3 working I believe) in a box in the closet that I got in an eBay bundle. The plan was to pair them with some controllers/connectors and games, then resell them for a small profit to cover the cost of acquiring the last one that I actually use, maybe repair the broken one to make it profitable overall... but they're still sitting there. It's difficult to part with them for some reason. I have resold a few CD units I'd repaired for a small profit, and sometimes regret it for no sensible reason. These days even the broken/for parts CD units cost so much that it's not worth the risk that they're repairable.
  6. Might not be worth your time, but wouldn't it be relatively easy to add a bit of extra functionality in VJ that the game could check for like whatever you're presumably doing for Skunk and GD?
  7. Add me to the list. I'll pay a lot extra if it comes with an NFT of some sort.
  8. I've been hacking around on the USB code on and off, and recently tackled a big chunk of functionality now that I've built all the boards that were ordered. As @grips03 guessed, the goal was always of course to flash games from the USB drive, but I was never sure I'd have the time and motivation to get it working, so I didn't want to explicitly announce that given I was also selling boards. Didn't want to get accused of false advertising. Well, I still don't have it working in a way that's useful to end users, but it's beyond obvious from the current progress at this point that that's what I'm doing, so there. That's what I'm doing. Behold: usbffs.cof (Skunk USB + FatFS). Binary attached, source code here. What does it do? It's the world's worst command line-based USB file browser and SkunkBoard flasher. Here's how you can use it if you're savvy with JCP and curious: Stick a Fat32 or Fat16-formatted USB drive in the left (If you're facing the Jaguar from the front) USB-A port of your SkunkBoard. Put some Jaguar ROM files on it first of course. Don't have USB-A ports on your SkunkBoard? Too bad for you. I told you you'd probably want them! It's really very easy to solder these on if they're missing though. Load usbffs.cof with the Skunk console enabled: jcp -c usbffs.cof If it works, you'll see a bunch of info describing properties of the USB drive followed by a directory listing of the top-level directory on the USB stick followed by a command prompt. Enter one of these commands: ls - List files and folders (Shown with a trailing '/') in the current directory cd <directory name> - Change to a directory cd .. - Move up one directory pwd - Print the current directory's full path quit - Exit the console. The Jaguar probably just crashes executing random code after this. Reset it. flash <file name> - The good one. This flashes the specified ROM to bank one of the Skunkboard. Use the above commands to browse around and flash your ROM. You'll see some status messages. Like, a lot of status messages. When you see "Flashing complete" it's finally done. Type "quit" and reset or power cycle your Jaguar. Launch the ROM in bank 0 using any of the usual methods (E.g., press Up on the Jaguar's D-Pad). I'm aware it's not that useful as-is. If you still have to use JCP to run the commands, you might as well just flash using JCP too, and JCP will even launch the ROM for you after flashing it, unlike current usbffs. It's just a proof of concept. If I find myself with time again, I'll work on polishing things up and add a UI so you can do all this from the Jaguar using the D-Pad. Also, you'll quickly notice how terrible the command line processor is. Don't put any extra spaces between "cd" or "flash" and the file/directory name: It wants one space there and only one. Don't try to get fancy and quote your directory/file names: You don't need to and it won't work if you do. There are probably more things you could add to this list. For those who code: Take a look at the XXX comment near the top of usbffs.c. WTF is going on here? I haven't debugged this yet. It's weird. Things seem to sometimes go wrong in mysterious ways when I call the skunklib functions from C code, though it generally works fine. My C->m68k stubs are here if you're curious. usbffs-prealpha-20210905.cof
  9. Doom pushes the limits of the Jaguar, let alone-- You know what? Nevermind. You're right. You win.
  10. The final batch of notifications have been sent out to those who had orders. If you think you should have gotten one and haven't received it yet, let me know.
  11. Nice. I'd be interested in one of those JagLink II PCBs and a parts list if they're available. Also, since I'm just about done putting together a board that looks like it is more or less the same as your video breakout PCB, curious what the schematic for that is. Namely, what are those switches doing on there?
  12. Did you plug in the Skunkboard before running JCP?
  13. Yeah I don't understand any complaints about the graphics in checkered flag personally. It looks great, especially compared to contemporary 3D racing titles. Just can't stop slamming my car into walls is all.
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