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  1. Rev.4 does, as do the Zaxon ones. need a tool to flash the serial eeprom, and have to see if it will run as a 16-bit cart though.
  2. Give me a few days. I've redone the Belboz SDK/dev env, which includes this, and I'm almost done cleaning it up for [re-]release, but busy at work this week. The Makefile I use is lightly integrated with that env. It doesn't work on VJ for some reason, but works on HW with BJL or skunk.
  3. I was talking about the verification cart, not the bypass cart. I think the bypass cart can still be found pretty easily on eBay, maybe even from B&C directly. I haven't seen the verification cart anywhere. I got the image here: It's great for ensuring you got a bit-exact burn of encrypted CDs, except ULS, which puts all the good stuff in an unencrypted track, which can't be verified using the "encryption" md5 data.
  4. I've been doing a lot of "research" on burning CDs JagCD will read. I know people all have their own theories here, but here's my take: -Don't pay any attention to brand names like Phillips/Memorex/Imation/Verbatim these days. They're almost universally cheap CMC magnetics discs. -Look at the actual media identifier info in your CD burning program (E.g., put the disc in your drive and run cdrecord -atip, look at the advanced drive info in Alcohol 120%, etc.). If it says CMC magnetics, you lose on some Jag CD units. Others are less picky. I've successfully "fixed" one picky one by replacing the laser, another was just as picky afterwards, though this could just mean my new laser was also of questionable quality. I always order the cheapest compatible one I can find on eBay. I decided having a lesser JagCD around for testing is actually useful, so I haven't tried that hard to fix it further. -For best results regardless of Jag CD pickiness, use real made in Japan CD-Rs, preferably Taiyo Yuden brand/manufacturer code (note Taiyo Yuden doesn't make discs anymore, but they licensed their tech, whatever that means. CMC makes a line of "Pro" discs that use the Taiyo Yuden code from my understanding that may be better than their consumer-grade stuff. Haven't tested those specifically yet). I've tested an old spool of Sony-made discs and the JVC/Taiyo Yuden joint venture discs you can find on eBay successfully on questionable JagCD units. -Try various burn speeds, and various drives if possible. The usual "the lowest speed possible" advice is not always correct in my experience. I have better luck on one of my drives burning at max speed. My oldest drive that actually supports 1X burn speeds hasn't produced one usable disc yet. A third drive prefers 8x speed, but usually works at max as well. YMMV. -The CD verification cartridge is a godsend when testing (though if you understand how it works, it obviously won't verify ULS disc burns). I think @omf has linked it somewhere in these forums, but it isn't much use unless you burn it to a real cartridge: it won't work on a Skunkboard, JagGD doesn't work in the CD unit, and it hasn't been hacked to work over BJL/direct loading yet. If you want it in a cartridge, PM me, I can build one for you.
  5. PSA: The Retro Game Supply combo power supplies with US/American plugs are back in stock! I ordered mine just now.
  6. I always see this discussed as rare, but I see it is for sale on www.wave1games.net. Is that version licensed, or is it a repro? Is it a different version than the KA one discussed here?
  7. I've been waiting for these to come back in stock, and saw the thread but not the date. Why does this keep happening to me? Anyway, I 2nd the question. I'd love to throw one of these in with my order of some of the new carts.
  8. I for one certainly am not going to be looking your direction if I mess anything up @grips03, unless it's reaching out for advice on possible repairs afterwards. I read all the docs and knew full well when I bought these that I might be pushing my abilities, and understood the risk going in. That's part of the fun IMHO!
  9. I don't know, but I can confirm mine are still sitting in the envelope waiting until I have a few free nights. Care to share details on the trouble? I'm a bit of an amateur myself, and would love to avoid repeating mistakes.
  10. Oh indeed, my mistake. I would have bought that one if I'd seen it! I was referring to this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293719945769
  11. I think it was a speculator personally, seeing their eBay rating
  12. Fixed that for you. I saw the same listing and made what I thought was a reasonable offer of $550. The seller replied it had been sold.
  13. Dunno why, but this came to mind: Personally, I'm bullish on Jaguar and have a moderate long position. The charts do not lie! If they're too pricey for your portfolio at the moment but you'd like to add exposure, perhaps ask your brokerage if they offer fractional shares of Jaguar consoles and games, invest in Jaguar console & game options or other derivatives, or wait for the the SEC to approve the recent application for a Jaguar console & cartridge tracking ETF. Or, you know, download Virtual Jaguar and buy one of those Jaguar controller USB adapters. Checkered Flag is actually quite enjoyable that way on a fast CPU.
  14. Cool, those demos work fine on my TV, and with the VGA cable: The camera doesn't capture it that well, but the image looks very crisp in person, much better than on my CRT TV with S-Video where it looks slightly flickery. The LCD controller seems to be deinterlacing it rather nicely. Still need to resolder the connector, then I'm going to get one of those LM1881 chips ordered and compare that on the scope to the simple integrator I used to see which seems to have the best signal. Then it's PCB prototyping time! I can't decide whether it's better to use the real hsync for the hsync line, or use composite sync, which works fine even with an invalid vsync on this monitor, and also seems to be what the Apple II circuit referenced above used. I might just put a switch on there that allows selecting between the two as I've done on my current breadboard prototype.
  15. Good for the charity I suppose? I was kind of hoping it'd eclipse Battlesphere Gold records... because I'm tired of talking about Battlesphere Gold prices.
  16. Yeah, but... Jaguar is ridiculously fun! I don't have a Jaguar in my bathroom yet, but I have a few now, all bought this year, and I haven't paid over the original retail price of $250 for any of them. Yes, I bought them all in working order with at least one controller and all the cables, and yes, I have multiple pack-in copies of Cybermorph too at this point. OK, yeah, even considering inflation, that's kind of a ridiculous metric for a 27 year old consumer electronics item, but I don't care. The games are fun, working on Jaguar-related projects is fun, and I use it way more than I use the still-more-expensive PS4 I got for my wife. However, I also have a Jaguar CD to pair with each of my consoles. Those prices I cannot justify nor recommend, even considering I bought them broken and repaired them. Still, I do personally enjoy the CD units as well and don't regret buying them. Let's all hope that gamedrive CD support happens.
  17. qUaKe is what I tried. QuakeGen was the name used in the thread I referenced, the name of the executable in the package, but same thing. Interestingly, the ROM it generated works fine on virtualjaguar, but does not work on hardware when I send it to my skunk. I just get a black screen, or sometimes a deep blue or purple screen. I was aware Zerosquare worked up the timings/video register values used in qUaKe and probably elsewhere for interlaced mode, but I hadn't seen anywhere his raw code was released, so I did a little googling. Is this comment on the jagware thread: https://www.jagware.org/index.php?/topic/230-haute-résolution-sur-jaguar-et-mode-entrelacé/&tab=comments#comment-3875 The final version of your hires demos @Zerosquare? Interestingly, I see that a note in the Atariage mirror of that thread that Tempest 2000 used an interlaced mode as well (Or not). Can anyone confirm this? If so, is it for normal gameplay, or just in some particular screens?
  18. Finally some progress here. I used this circuit to extract VSync from Composite Sync: Based on the HD Retrovision sample circuit and the parts I happened to have on hand (XOR Gates). Here's what it looks like on the scope: Channel 1 is HSync straight off the edge connector, Channel 2 is the recovered VSync signal, and Channel 3 is the integrated composite sync signal before passing it through the XOR gate. Vsync is offset a bit, which was expected I suppose, but the two monitors I tested (NEC MultiSync EA190M and 1980SX) don't seem to mind; once I plugged HSync into HSync and the extracted VSync into VSync on the VGA cable rather than the other way around (It's been too long since I worked on this project), the screen lit right up and worked just as well as when I pass composite sync to HSync: Nevermind the missing blue bits. The blue wire appears to have been ripped off the edge connector yet again while it was migrating around my desk for the past several weeks. The next thing I'm going to do is solder all the VGA wires and edge connector pins to some breadboard leads and wrap the joint in a bunch of superglue and/or electrical tape in hopes I can continue to prototype without constantly ripping the tiny wires off. Unfortunately, the 1980SX still didn't really handle the mode properly, displaying the same heavily-offset image as before, and wouldn't let me adjust anything, simply telling me the values are out of range. This was more or less expected, but I was still holding out hope it would do something better once I got a proper signal into it. I tried to test some 640x480i images using the Win10-compatible QuakeGen from this thread: But the ROM I got (a one-image slideshow) doesn't appear to do anything but display a black screen (on a TV using S-Video and on VGA). Anyone have a working 640x480i demo/test available? I noticed Rebooteroids has a menu option to display hi-res logos. Is that using the 480i mode?
  19. Indeed, these are the worst kind of bugs: Tantalizingly close to working, but not quite usable as-is, and ridiculously hard to diagnose. This is why I generally oppose useless error handling/checks in software: I'd rather have it just assert/abort or segfault and catch it in the debugger than have it almost-sorta work but have some random weird side effect because some never-tested error path was executed.
  20. Any chance there's a cracked solder joint somewhere? Seems like that might explain such intermittent behavior, given pressing a cart in or warming it up a bit from repeated attempts might flex things just enough for it to make contact. Just a wild theory though, and no idea how to track such things down.
  21. FWIW, forked: https://github.com/cubanismo/bcx-basic-Jaguar Don't know what strange turn of events has caused this, but condolences, as it sounds like this wasn't exactly voluntary.
  22. Can confirm bidding from the US works. Makes it a bit hard to find from a simple search though, so not sure whether people outside this thread are seeing it in the US by default.
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