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  1. I'm not here to chime in about the concerns so I won't, but I do just want to say that the technical specs of the machine mean absolutely nothing to me. Not that I don't understand them, I mean they are unimportant. Many of us here have played video games on machines less powerful than a digital wristwatch, when 64kb of memory was luxurious and the processors were single-digits megahertz but we still had a great time didn't we? It's the GAMES that are important. If the games are good then it genuinely doesn't matter if the hardware in the damn thing is recent or old, so long as it works it's all good. I HAVE a powerhouse machine it's this one I'm typing on right now. Third gen threadripper, 64gb of memory in quad channel, Raid0 NVMe array, 5700XT GPU, it's a beast but none of that alone makes it fun; without fun software it's just a box of fancy parts and despite the difference in hardware capability the Amico will be more fun to me than this system is if it just delivers the titles. It's the promise of that software which makes me interested in the Amico where I'm not interested at all with the other contemporary consoles available, none of them (With the exception of the Switch but even that is falling more in line with the standard offerings of the others these days) do anything my PC doesn't and to be honest none of them do it as well either, the Amico is promising something different and I hope that it comes good on that promise. If it doesn't I will be disappointed of course but I still hope. IE, get us those games.
  2. My khaki "Running Man" cap arrived today, don't think I'll be taking it off any time soon!
  3. Was this a widespread issue? I was in the chat about an hour before the event started and I stayed there until after the EWJ section and my audio/video was in sync the whole time, unless I just discovered that i'm having a very slow stroke.
  4. I wasn't able to say this in the Youtube chat but I vote for the Matte faceplate 😘
  5. I think this is likely because of a difficulty in translating video game controls to a real-life physical game about flicking things in a way that mechanically still makes sense. I believe that the Amico controller has an enormous advantage in this regard. Sure, you could quickly move a thumbstick and pretend that's the flick but it just isn't the same. Doing it with a good swipe on the Amico pad would be much more like the real motion. As to everyone in here saying they've never heard of the game, yeah it is kinda niche but I think we all know niche doesn't mean bad! And how about we look at some of the view counts on youtube? Because it seems to me that there is a large interest and potential market here as just searching the word "crokinole" shows you videos with half a million views, 370k views, and even a championship match with almost seven million views somehow! Anyway, that's the last i'll say on it, I don't want to appear a broken record haha. Thank you so much for the wonderful warm welcomes I've had, it really is great.
  6. Oh I'm sorry but that isn't me, quite the coincidence though!
  7. The game has been around for a couple of hundred years I believe but the reason it isn't a household name is the high cost of the setup. A good crokinole board and other equipment to play it costs more than the Amico does these days!
  8. First post here so I hope i'm doing this right and not breaking some rule. I've browsed this forum every day for a long while now but never had anything important to say, today I made an account; I am so excited for the Amico, I lost interest in video games especially console video games some time around the Xbox but this news of the Intellivision Amico is real exciting to me again so much so that I actually got a Founder's Edition pre-order in. As for my question though - Has anyone thought of a Crokinole game on Amico? It seems to me like it would be absolutely ideal! You control placement of your disc with the controller's disc, then you "flick" across the touchscreen to launch it, it'd be almost exactly the same skill set as used in playing the real game and I believe it would translate into an Amico title very well for their board game selection. I'm really looking forward to that slick Farkle game that has been teased but wow if it had Crokinole too that'd be something else. Many thanks!
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