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  1. Still would like to see some form of keno for it..
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new here and i am not sure if I am posting this in the right forum, so my apologies ahead of time. I have a game idea but I do not know how to code for the Atari and I'm not sure I would ever get it as it seems hard to get into.. So, I have a game idea that i would so love to see made if anyone is interested.. I have other games in mind.. 3 of which i have made for the pc and 2 of those i made for nintendo DS - (well, i had someone help me on those for the DS). So, if anyone that knows how to code and is willing to help make them.. Please feel free to PM me... Thanks If not, well.. it didn't hurt to ask right? KENO - i made these images in paint so you got to see things the way i do instead of me just saying "KENO" - lol 😀
  3. Hi, I thought this was a cool game idea, i haven't played it yet.. but i did download it to play it another day when i have more time.. Anyways, good job! I have some game ideas but i do not know how to code for atari. Maybe some day.. maybe not.. lol
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