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  1. Hey guys I know this is an old post but I just got around to installing my Incognito and ran into the same issue so I thought I'd share my experiences. This is just cut and pasted from a post I made on Aussie Arcade. After many months I finally got around to installing my Incognito but ran into a problem with the HDD led not lighting however I noticed there was a surface mounted one on the Incognito board blinking away. After probing around a bit I found the led on Incognito (D1) was connected parallel to pins 1 and 2 of the P6 connector. The problem is the on board smd led is drawing too much current for any external led to work properly. Short of finding a led that draws next to no current the only solution is to remove D1 from the Incognito board which I did and now my blue hdd not only works but is nice and bright. There really should have been a jumper on the Incognito board to disable the on board hdd led. The led's I used were common 5mm I had laying around from a breadboard kit, a red for power and blue for hdd both about 3-4 times brighter than the crappy red originals. Another thing was I wanted to avoid cutting traces so my A800 could easily be reversed if the Incognito failed in the future. Basically all I did was follow the standard instructions however instead of cutting the trace I put some electrical tape under the led and bent the negative (cathode) leg out. This way all the wires are on top of the board without drilling any holes. I also opted to use a piece of styrofoam under the board to brace it. Hope this helps somebody else in the future.
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