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  1. The LTO cartridge arrived intact today... I am now joining the LTO Flash revolution! Thanks Matthew again for the purchase...
  2. That is why when i saw the opportunity to purchase one I jumped on it at 6:30am... I just happened to be online sending some emails about working from home when i saw the notification about it. Set up the notifications on the thread so you get alerted if any more become available... This is the second one that showed up recently so they do appear now and then...
  3. I sent a message but has anyone responded and is it gone? these things are worth more than the solid gold shell cases they come in
  4. Not sure if anyone missed it or maybe i missed it if anyone reported this one. spiker original ending in 2 hrs. Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball Intellivision Complete CIB | eBay
  5. I purchased a pristine coco 1 computer in April and fedex played throw the package against the wall with it.. the power supply that screws to the bottom of the case literally ripped a fist sized hole out of the bottom of the coco's bottom case. I am now 50+ days in and Fedex just said I need to contact the seller again, this time he has to sign in blue ink, no digital signatures allowed, take a picture and send to me, then I can upload to my case.. and if that works, we can move to phase 3.. inspection of package.. I am like.. Ill get right on it sir.. sarcastically.. have the SELLER file the claim.. DO NOT file the claim yourself. i would have gotten my money back and the seller too in 5-7 days but becuase I as the BUYER tried to file the claim. they want the seller to sign waivers and letters to release authorization.. the SELLER NEEDS TO file the claim.. otherwise you will be where I am now.. contacting the seller every week asking them to do another task...
  6. crap/.; i just saw the message about 3 left... well, NONE left now.. this is correct right?
  7. I'm with Duttroid, we need a status on this one..
  8. Did you find a suitable candidate for your precious intellivision, LTO and std. carts yet? I am going to be in foxboro getting my second Vax on wednesday
  9. Another candidate in Massachusetts... But I wasn't first.. that LTO is elusive to say the least...
  10. Will intellivania be available again? I noticed it was out of stock before I could get my hands on it.. Just curious if anyone knows if more copies will become available later? thanks.
  11. RARE VINTAGE INTELLIVISION ORIGINAL LEARNING FUN I (1987) GAME CARTRIDGE | eBay not sure if anyone is interested in this. its not me selling it..
  12. I would be interested in purchasing a box and overlay if you still have them.. thx
  13. are they all gone? I would love that Zombie Madness box...
  14. I have the same issue and will use the same parts. I plan to use a molex crimper and plug crimps and 24AWG wire but this helped... Parts coming in tomorrow.
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