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  1. For some reason the display menu doesn't work for me. Selecting it does nothing.
  2. Just discovered this, I'm having a blast. Thanks Mclaneinc (and Starwindz, wherever you are)! Is the source available? There is one modification I would love: I wish the cover art was featured on the main screen, along with the screen shots.
  3. Ok, here is a legitimate feature request: Currently, quick save and quick load save to memory only. Instead, can you have them save and load to a generic file, ie. jumpman_quicksave.state? This is standard behavior in other emulators. I have never yet remembered to safe the file before exiting the program!
  4. How did I miss that??? Thanks!
  5. BTW, thanks a ton for helping me to get my personal "crt" pixel shader working in Altirra. It might not be to anyone's taste but mine, but I've been having a blast.
  6. Hey Avery, any chance you can implement hotkeys for quick save and quick load? I searched for this, and I have you on record, "looking into" this feature... In 2009
  7. Works, thanks! Another question: Shader scaling works differently than Retroarch. Retroarch, by default, does this: Source -> Shade and Scale -> Display This is what I want, but I can't figure out how to do it in Altirra. In Altirra, by default it does: Source -> Shade -> Scale -> Display Playing with the .cgp scale_ options, I can get: Source -> Scale -> Shade -> Display But neither of these works for me. How do I shade and scale in the same operation?
  8. phaeron, Is there any chance you can compile cg shaders with ps 3.0? I think it would greatly improve compatibility, and I think it might be as simple as passing a different enum to the compile call. My own shader gets the error: 'shader uses texture addressing operations in a dependency chain that is too complex for the target shader model (ps_2_0) to compile.' Thanks for making what is indisputably the best atari 8-bit emulator!!
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