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  1. WOW! Great score. Never made below 150 deaths so far... Time to throw the towel while dreaming of the card 😅
  2. The last levels got me... Hope to update my post soon with better result. 178 deaths and validation 12958
  3. Hi Karri, thanks for your reply. Yes, the mentioned parts were removed on purpose. They were part of the original power supply, which I replaced by the Recom dc dc converter. Measuring data signals is currently not possible for me, I have no oscilloscope at hand 😞. Conductive acid on the surface can be excluded, checked that already.
  4. Hi Guys, I am confused. A couple of month ago I got two Lynx 2 consoles. But this one on the picture makes me confused. I already spent hours on it trying to get it alive again. It powers on and off, but has no sound and picture. It has a stable 5 volt supply and a lot of new parts. What I replaced so far: - 5 Volt Mod with Recom - new ram modules - new C301719-001 (Hayato) - new C302284-001 (Suzy) - new 16mhz resonator - new resistor R10 (10Mohm according to schematic) - new capacitors - reheat nearly every solder joints The first Lynx 2 had same replacements and mod, and is working fine again. But the second doesn't want to work. Now I have no further ideas what to do anymore, so maybe some of you have additional hints. I would appreciate them. Regards Daniel
  5. Bump - still looking. Thanks for the hint, but I`m not sure about this "prototype" cartridge. Also a trade would be possible, could offer for example CIB Wyfern Tales or CIB Zaku...
  6. Hi together, I am looking for a complete Atari Lynx Casino. PM if you have one for me. Regards, Daniel
  7. Cool stuff yo have there. If you are willing to sell a Lynx 2 PCB let me know, still searching for replacement chips (orders from China are stuck for weeks and I doubt to get what I expect)
  8. I agree. Would be nice to have something like that. Especially some Lynx parts are hard to find in Europe. But unfortunately, since I`m quite new to Lynx, I don`t have any spare parts yet (but maybe soon a Lynx 2 Display).
  9. Hi Karri, great work. Also my Lynx is waiting for new Chips, which I ordered from a chinese seller. Your sectence that you received wrong chip makes me afraid now... In worst case I have to order again from Best Electronics. Also waiting for ram. Board already cleaned up and recapped. When it turns out working (hopefully) it will get a McWill.
  10. Hi together, I`m looking for Atari Lynx Poker. If someone want to sell just PM me. Best regards Daniel
  11. Thanks for the hint karri. Have some old rubber buttons here from other handhelds. Will do a testrun on them with silicone glue. If succeed I will fix my Lynx buttons this way. Btw. Why it`s so hard to find fitting replacement, market too small? (OK, guess it`s also the same for GG)...
  12. A dead Lynx is about 50 Euro or more - a bit too much for the rubbers. Best Electronics I´m not sure... Is a repair maybe possible? For example taking replacement rubbers for the Gameboy, cutting the inner contact plate und fix with flexible glue to the originals? Any thoughts about this?
  13. Hello together, recently I`ve got my first Lynx 1. Unfortunately the rubber pads and the rubber buttons (or silicone buttons) are in very bad shape. I cleaned the board, especially the contact pads and so on. Nevertheless some of them are not working at all. Does anybody know where to get replacements for them? Regards, Dan
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