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  1. Hi, Just to clarify a couple of things, the physical edition will only include one of the coloured USB cars of your choice (they are only 1gb and include the game files in adf/iso/whd/lha format) and digital manual. I’m waiting on delivery of the game manual also. i will be closing pre-orders tonight (10pm GMT) so if you’d like a box you have until then to grab one. I should also point out the box also includes shipping and you will also be able to pick up a Rygar box for £25 as shipping can be combined. Note - shipping does not include any customs duty or handling charges to the destination country (unless it is the UK). thanks Graeme
  2. Just a shameless plug here to say that Turbo Sprint is a new game I've coded from the ground up for AGA Amigas, it will be released next Friday. I know the ST had a great port of Super Sprint and I played it for years with my friends. Hopefully I'll have done the game justice. Here's the promo video I put together. Turbo Sprint - Promo mcgeezer
  3. Apologies if this was posted already but I didn't know he was fluent in Spanish. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kieren-hawken-54111887 I think there's a long road to redemption that awaits for this lad. Still upset he has tainted Retro Gamer. Geezer
  4. Hi all, I'm new here but I guess not new to developing games on the Amiga. After Bomb Jack Beer Edition and Rygar I'm now porting the Super Sprint Coin-Op to the Amiga AGA using it's native (512x384) resolution. You can follow my development updates on Youtube - Episode #3 I've just uploaded here. If you've got any questions technical or non technical related to the game then don't be afraid to ask. Cheers, Geezer
  5. Has this bloke really written for Retro Gamer magazine? If so I feel like burning my entire collection. I'm pleased he doesn't seem to have infected the Amiga scene though so that's a plus. Geezer
  6. Hi there, Apologies as I may be posting in the wrong forum but there was no Atari ST/e section in the Game Programming forum. Please could someone point me to some hardware documentation for the STe. I have a very good understanding of the STFM hardware but I went into the Amiga scene afterwards but was wondering what the STe had to offer with regard to performance and stuff. If there's also some Youtube videos you'd recommend that show off the STe I would be really appreciative of you linking them. Cheers, Geezer
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