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  1. They sure are. Much smaller.. Ok well, I guess I'll look some more. After all the mistakes I've made , Im gonna know these systems inside and out eventually.. Thank you for all your help..
  2. Well I suppose 3rd times the charm. Well at least its a start to an awesome collection.. Thanks guys
  3. This is the 2nd one I bought now thinking its the right one. 😣
  4. Ya, its 2.5X3 inches
  5. I bought megamania from a gal on eBay. This was a game I used to play as a kid. I asked the woman if it was for the 5200. She assured me it was. I bought and payed a bit for it as I was excited to find it and play. But when the game arrived, it was quite small. It was the smallest cartridge I have seen. Does this game not even belong to the 5200? I know that the game was made for that system but don't see how this little cartridge fits in my 5200. I would like some insight as to what system this belongs too.. Thanks
  6. Thank you everyone. All this insight is very helpful. I am going to take what you all said to my son and have him help me figure out what to do next. I do appreciate it.. these forum sights are awesome!!!!
  7. I bought my husband an atari 5200 and the seller told me that i would need a pokey card in order for it to have sound and for the controllers to work.. What kind do I need and is that what you are selling? Thanks for your time..
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