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  1. My boards arrived lightning fast and in good order. Thanks again, Osgeld!
  2. My copy arrived yesterday. It was awesome of you to offer a third chance to buy the game. Thank you so much!
  3. No, but I wasn't too concerned. Mail here in the U.S. has been erratic this summer; I had two items I purchased from the same guy on eBay on the same day, and one arrived in a week and the other got lost but turned up two months later!
  4. No problem! Totally understandable. Take the time you need to get it up to your personal standards. Thanks!
  5. Perhaps the player could press one of the number pad buttons to auto-flap and another to stop?
  6. Payment sent. Thank you for offering the game again!
  7. Yes, please, I am interested, thank you.
  8. Cool. I'll definitely sign your list and prepay if you do!
  9. Aww, sad I missed out on this. Would gladly buy a rom at the same price as the cartridge if you offer it in the future.
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