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  1. In the example atr flle that I provided here, I used the "blank" atr that was given to me. I then used Dos2.5 to copy *.* files onto the ATR. I didn't use a sector copier for this example. And, somehow, I ended up with an 8MB file. Do I need to make my own ATR from scratch? (I've no idea how to do that). Do I need to "format" the atr in DOS2.5 before I copy stuff to it? Would that help?
  2. Hi, I'm trying not to cross-post, so here goes: I got the BLANK .atr files from my thread here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/306652-copying-files-from-1050-to-sio2sd/?tab=comments#comment-4534207 and the specific attachment here: https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=730215 I used DOS2.5 to copy individual files from my original 1050 floppies to the blank 131kB .atr file on my sio2SD . I've yet to be able to have the atari read the .atr files I created from the sio2SD. Maybe I'm doing something wrong for that. Nevertheless, when I take the SD card and put into my modern windows laptop, the .atr files are now 8megabytes! I can use Altirra atari emulator on my windows machine and read through the ATR and it looks ok. I'm just confused why the file is so big. I'm attaching an example of the 8MB file here. In this case, the example is a public domain disk of TurboBasic that I copied. All help and advice appreciated. Thank you. BRE_42_TurboBasic.atr
  3. Hi, Using my sio2SD to transfer files and disk images from my stock 1050 (running on a stock Atari800). The ATR file starts off as a "blank" 131KB file on my SD card. I then use the sio2SD to copy from the 1050 to the card. When I put the SD card in my Windows computer, the ATR files are 8+MB each!? But the files on them seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Seems peculiar to me how a 90k atari floppy converts into a 8,192K atr file. Please help. Thanks Theodore2
  4. Hi. I'm looking over my box of disks and found I have a few BRE Sotfware "Public Domain" disks that (as far as I can tell) are not on the lists mentioned above: Disk #33 Applications (A&B sides) Disk #42 Turbo Basic Disk #44 Daisy Dot Disk #114 SX-212 Express I'm kind of new to Atariage and these message boards. Should I try to make ATR files out of these disks and post them here? Is someone collecting the ATRs on archive.org? What's the appropriate thing to do? Thanks Theodore
  5. Hi All, I dismantled and cleaned the drive head. Works fine to read for many disks, but I still get an error 139 for a bunch. I know some of the copy protected disks will have issues. But this one disk is from a local User Group and giving me an error 139 right at the end of when it's finished writing to the sio2SD. All files seem to have copied, but still gives me an error 139. Any other suggestions?
  6. Thanks CharlieChaplin (and others). The empty ATR files did the trick. I used my Windows laptop to make 50+ copies of the ATR file with different names on the SD card, and then inserted back into the sio2SD and was able to slowly copy most of the disks I had. Took a little trial and error to find the directory on the sio2SD. Admittedly, about 1/3 of the disks had an Error 139 or lost some of their data (i.e. games would load but then crash somewhere in the middle). Can anyone point me in the direction or thread of how to attempt to recover from Error 139? At least 2 of my disks with word processing files have that. Thanks, all, again!! Theodore
  7. Ok, I made some progress. Apparently the sio2SD thinks it's D1. I have no idea how to change that no matter how many times I read the sio2SD manual, so I didn't fight it anymore and set the 1050's dip switch to D2. I can now boot from the sio2SD, choose Spartados from the menu of many programs already on the SD card, and then read from D2 (the 1050)!! My next challenge is multifold and would appreciate some guidance. 1. for the disks that have regular files like basic programs and word processor files, is it better to transfer them as individual files, or make an atr image and transfer the whole disk that way? 2. for the disks that have binary file games, i would assume it's best to make an atr. 3. I know what an atr file is, but I've never created one in my life. Is there a tutorial somewhere? 4. I am not sure how to "swap disks" or create "new disks" on the SD card. Even when Charlie Chaplin (above) says "simply copy various ATR images (completely empty or with just DOS 2.0 or DOS 2.5 on them) as placeholders onto the SD-card of your SIO2SD, using a PC", I don't know where I can find an empty ATR image online somewhere. Or how to create one on my own. Again, I apologize for the newbie questions, but I just don't have the hang of this quite yet and apprecaite your patience and guidance very much. Sincerely, Theodore
  8. A few more details: I have Sio2sd ver. 1.3. I have the Atari 800 daisy chained to the 1050 (dip switch currently set to drive #1), and then to the sio2sd. Re: #2 above, I'm studying the wiki, but still can't figure out how to configure the sio2sd properly. When I try to boot with the 1050 off, it reads from the sio2sd. When I try to boot with the 1050 on, I get Atari Memo Pad.
  9. Hi, Newbie question here. I have an atari 800, a 1050, and an sio2sd (from Lotharek). I have about 40 floppies from back in the day that still can be read via my 1050. I'm also able to run programs and games directly from the sio2sd. But I've never used both the sio2sd and the 1050 together. I would like to copy files from the floppies onto the sio2SD before the floppies become unreadable. It's been over 2 decades since I've copied any files with my atari so I'm really rusty. Here's some questions: 1. I think I used to use a sector copier for full computer game disks, and just DOS 2.5 for my personal files and basic files. Does that sound right? 2. I don't know how to setup the sio2SD such that it can be read as a 2nd drive. Or do I just setup the 1050 as a 2nd drive (via the dip switch in the back of the drive?) 3. Do I need to make a bunch of empty directories on the SD card using my laptop first, (like "Disk 1" , "Disk 2", etc.) and then somehow switch to one of these new disks via the button menu on the sio2SD after I fill each one up? If so, how do i do that? Many thanks for your help, and my apologies if these are elemetary questions. Again, it's been 20+years since I've used my Atari in earnest and I'm just happy to be getting the time to do so recently, but frustrated that there's a learning curve to something new. Sincerely, Theodore2
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