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  1. Original Motherboard DA 153 REV A I hope no one registers the warranty out from underneath me. 😆
  2. OMG! That is awesome! I want one! Don't care I just bought NANOPeb!
  3. I have the original power supply. It is tagged 11.5V. I found the original IndusGT brief case.
  4. WOW. Running CP/M. That is cool.
  5. My Indus was a work horse. Got neglected and now will not read. I was able to pick up a 1050, but not a Indus yet.
  6. Hello all, Ok. I will start with a question. What kind of problems did everyone have with the Indus GT and (if possible) what did you do to fix them?
  7. BTW Bob you are awesome!!! Thank you. Actually all you guys are awesome.
  8. Thanks. That makes sense. I was planning on checking, just had not got to it yet.
  9. Could my old power supply also be he issue?
  10. Illinois. Thank you. I will have to look into that process. Thank you.
  11. Thank you. I will try that. The keyboard I am using has barely been used. I was hoping to make this one my mod atari and keep the 130xe original.
  12. Thank you. They are oxidized. They did not want to release from the sockets. I pulled the GTIA, ANTIC, CPU, RAM and ROM. Same results after each. Thank you. I pulled the MMU, POKEY and PIA and now it is still green with colors at the top of the screen. I will pull what I can a reseat the rest.
  13. Hello everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently got back into the Atari scene and bought a 130xe of fleabay and it works gloriously. So I pulled out my old 1200xl, connected it to the AV2HDMI and get a blank green screen. It is acting like it is not even loading. The AV cable/adapter/monitor works on the 130xe and my TI99/4A so I know the cable is good. I attempted at adjust the color with R48 adjustment on the board hoping that I could see the self test or the notepad. The colors shift change so I know I am getting a video signal from the unit. When I was a kid I bought a 1200xl keyboard from Radio Shack and found one of the IC had some sort of sync issue. The video image was shifted. If a certain IC was tapped with a finger it would shift to the center of the screen, and would stay centered for months. When it shifted back I would open it up hook up my keyboard and tap on the IC and low and behold it would shift back. Of course that was 35 years ago and I don't remember which IC it was. I assume this has finally bit the dust and it needs to be replaced. The question is which IC it might be and can I get a replacement. Thank you to everyone.
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