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  1. Yep I agree, compensation would be fair. I'll get ahold of cpuwiz. Also where and how it was found is in detail in another thread posted by me a while back I just bookshelves it because I was afraid to open it. Amazing what a little liquid courage will do.
  2. Looking for a member who can verify that I have an original red sea crossing cart, I have safely opened the cart and can send pics to the appointed person. My intent is to sell this cart, but need to be sure its real first. The help would be very appreciated.
  3. Tavi the coleco was found mid room where the roof was collapsing in so its definitely water damaged. The carts where found in the corner of the same room with the 7800 and 2600 out of harms way to an extent. Found another 8 or so carts completely water damaged most unreadable left up there.
  4. No worries supergun if i decide to sell it i have no problem getting it verified by an expert, i know for a fact that no one has been in there since around 2005 "where i found the cart" which is before the first cat was found. You could be help me with further verification, what can i photo better. Can the cart safely be opened the way it is or does it have screws under the label. Also who would be the expert to have look at it.
  5. That's my take on it lol, I'm going back on the hunt for the tape tomorrow. Where would be the best place to sell this sort of item. I also found these.
  6. So did some hack job wiring just to see if the cart functions and it does. Once i get the proper adapter im sure the color will be correct also. 20200516_200755.mp4
  7. Yea i know i even went for another hour or so looking for the audio tape to no avail, im not defeated yet just need a better dust mask.
  8. So here's the deal i live in alaska and have a fairly large property that has a lot of out buildings a shop and some old mobile homes that have been imploding in on them selfs. The property was previously my wifes grandparents which we bought. I like to explore old places metal detect rock and fossil hunt, mushroom hunt ect.So some days ago during one of our mushroom "morel in paticular" hunts i remember that there was an old ceramic xmas tree in the trailer so i decided to go inside and get it i have been in this trailer a couple of times before but the condition of the floor, mold, roof caving in, and trash/smell kept me from exploring to deeply. While i find to tree i see an old artari in a box under a box of 8 tracks. So i grab the box with the artari 2600, a 7800, a intella vision, and a colecovision and a assortment of loose carts for each. This trailer has not had anyone in it since about year 2005 when her uncle moved in with her mother. And this is the cart i found when i got home.
  9. Hello i just joined and have some questions. So why dont i see red sea crossing in the rarity charts? Hypothetically say i found an orginal in probably the best shape of any current models what would the value of this cart be worth. I will elaborate later after work.
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