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  1. hi ,bought a Competition Pro Extra Joystick from a flea market and while it sort of works ok id like to replace the switches. its a Competition Pro Extra Joystick Clear version with microswitched fire buttons instead of leaf springs. It also has a 3 way autofire switch at the back But having a problem finding the type i need(never done this before) the only writing on the switches i can find yeilds no results . Fire Button (Blue switches) MG2c20 Direction Switches(Black Switches) no numbers,just says- Acehall Zero Plus on them. If anybody can point me in the right direction it would be a great help , many thanks
  2. Showed it a couple of my friends that dont have net access ,they were most impressed as they r huge lynx fans. excellent video,thankyou.
  3. doesnt bother me in the least if it has a box or not ,i buy for the game itself ,altho saying that id say 75% of my games do have boxes i must be 1 of the few ppl that totally hate those poster manuals ,i much prefer the boring little booklets.
  4. ive got a pile of mint cond PS1 games all original ,tried to sell them on ebay and no takers lol i did sell some of the rarer ones of course but ive still got about 15 or so that r mint that no1 wants ive also bought some on ebay that were in a terrible state ,was amazed they worked tbh.
  5. Electrocop was the 1st boxed lynx game i bought for the system when i originally bought the lynx on release.i thought it was an amazing game a the timewith stunning gfx ,completed it many times. it was also the game that made most ppl say wow! when the saw the gfx on a handheld console! suppose its all down to personal preference but imho Electrocop is a long way from being "shitty"
  6. i use old gameboy plastic cases ,u can fit 2 Lynx cards in 1 case back to back ,ud think they was made with both the Gameboy and lynx in mind they are such a good fit:) they can easily be found on Ebay.
  7. originally bought 1 when it was released ,had it about 6 mnths with at most about 8 games ,eventually sold it as i wanted a snes then i caught the bug again about 18 mnths ago and i went a little crazy on Ebay ,i now have 2 Lynx 1s and 1 Lynx 2 and currently have 46 games.
  8. i bought a couple in the past that were completly dead (Zendecon/Warbirds) they looked perfectly fine but no amount of cleaning made any difference i suppose its mostly down to how they are stored and looked after ,but like anything you can no doubt get a faulty 1 that simply gives up the ghost before its time.
  9. also 9 months in your basement probably wouldnt really help as its an enclosed enviroment where the smells most likely cant escape,leave it a garage or nxt to a open window if the weather is ok. if i wanted the item enough to pay money for it ,then i certainly wouldnt give it away.
  10. having both games ,i have to say they r both pretty good ,but for fun and amount of time the game will last id, have to say go for Awesome Golf.
  11. i always thought when u connect an AC adaptor on virtually any device that can use both, the adaptor automatically cuts off the battery supply?
  12. on the other hand i have shanghai and it is probably one of the games i play the least. maybe my age ,but squinting at the screen trying to make out wat things are gives me a headache after 10 mins and i give up lol im sure its a good game if u liek those sorts ,but im not 1 of them. Slimeworld FTW!
  13. i also prefer the lynx 1 ,feels more solid and it doesnt appear to get the d-pad fault that all lynx 2's seem to get at some point. i also prefer the sound on the mk 1 ,it sound much louder and deeper than the tinny mk2 speaker imo ,it being mono only doesnt bother me in the least. i ahve both versions of the lynx but the mk1 is the 1 i always use.
  14. i recently bought a PS1 so i could play a few games that will no longer run on my PC Road & Tracks - The Need for Speed ( the original NFS and the best imo) + NFS 2 and they these seem ok gfx aint good of course but managable. Then i bought Ridge racer + Ridge Type 4 o dear lol ,they seem to me at least ,so blocky i cant actually tell where the corners are 50% of the time and Type 4 is terrible,car was flat out at top speed and i thought i was in 1st gear the update rate of the graphics was so slow when i realised it was a t full speed i almost passed out in shock saying that i still think Grand Turismo 2 still looks reasonably good for its age and still plays well.
  15. i use a rubber (pencil eraser) works a treat and brings up the contacts nice and shiny
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